Black Friday 2014.png

It's that time of year again!

BLACK FRIDAY WEEK! It's time for a massive holiday season sale in! Check the in game store for massive discounts on BARNS, WORKSHOPS, and DECORATIONS.

Get your bargains NOW →

Items on sale

The FanPage promises up to 90% off. Let's brake these fabulous prices down...


Factories - (up to 88% off)
Storage - (up to 43% off)
Workshops (up to 53% off)
Decorations - (up to 90% off)

Prices ranging between 1 Bank Notes and 49 Bank Notes, be careful.. some of these items can be bought in bundles for coins or crafted. *wink wink*

Landscape - (up to 50% off)

Upgrades required:

  • X-Large - 19 Bank Notes
  • Massive - 39 Bank Notes 43% off
  • Enormous - 59 Bank Notes 40% off
  • Epic - 99 Bank Notes 50% off
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