There are several different types of traps available, each are designed to trap at least one of the many types of monsters.

Initially you begin crafting or receiving (depending on when you started) the Basic Box Trap in a quest at the start of the game. More traps will become available as you progress through Quests. Several quests require you to build the next trap - like the Lobsterator V2 and Da Vinci Wings.

Types of Traps

Flying Beast Dragon Water Nimble Giant Spirit Equine Warrior Petrifying Plant Construct Cursed Mystical Shapeshifter Midwinter Insect Hallowed

Trap Facts

  • Traps can only hold up to 25 monsters at any given time.
  • Traps can not be placed on your homestead.
  • You can only place one trap at a time; the dev team has repeatedly said this will never change.


As of the January 30, 2014 game update you may no longer place your traps on your Homestead and use them as decoration.

Final Form Traps

As of August 2015, there are 23 "final form" traps; only one of them--the Net-a-pult--is entirely superceded by a better trap; the others are necessary to have the best chance of catching all the available monsters. These are:


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