The Starium Hunt

Official Details

"The Alchemists' Society has some news for you, Trappers: we're getting reports of even more Starium falling from the sky, and we're seeing a surge of Creep Trees & Creep Vines as well!

A lot of Trappers have checked in saying they've come across these things while out on their travels. Have YOU seen anything suspicious while out and about? Let us know, Trappers!" - from the Facebook Fan Page on July 17th, 2013

How It Works

"There are 4 locations per day (This may not appear for every player). Therefore if you find one spot, you can locate the other 3. In order to retrieve the Starium and Creep Vines you must travel to spots in hopes of finding them. The locations reset once a day around 2 AM universal time." - HBM Forum Admin

"There is no guarantee that you will find Starium everyday - but - If you find one location during the hunt, you will be able to find 3 other locations with Starium. Follow the list of locations until you find all 4." - Wiki Admin


Many players will be able to randomly find Starium, Creep Vine and Creep Weed at different locations throughout the world.

For the first day of this update, many players were able to find these locations with the purple exclamation point marking it on their map - however it appears this feature was removed. Now players are finding these items at random locations that are different for each player.

There does not appear to be a minimum player level requirement or quest progress requirement to be able to find these items.

According to the forums, these items may appear at 4 random locations for each 24 hour period (per player).

If you find one in a location and can't find the other items, check the Starium Route Pictures for the locations; some of them are behind trees and can be very hard to spot.

Starium Hunt Locations

There are 35 confirmed locations.


  1. Matopos Hills, Zimbabwe (map)
    Matopos Hills localMatopos Hills creep hunt



  1. Adak, Alaska (map)
    Adak map locationAdak creep
  2. Bayas, Mexico (map)
    Bayas locationBayas creep
  3. Schefferville, Canada (map)
    Schefferville localSchefferville creep


  1. Amazon River, Brazil (map)
    Amazon River locationAmazon River creep

Asia & Eastern Russia

  1. Manpupuner Rocks, Russia (map)
    Manpupuner Rocks localManpupuner Rocks-Starium Route - Circles
  2. Mirny, Russia (map)
    Mirny localMirny-Starium Hunt-circles
  3. Aral Sea, Uzbekistan (map)
    Aral sea localAral Sea Starium Hunt
  4. Singing Dunes, Mongolia (map)
    Singing Dunes worldSinging creep
  5. Heng Shan, China (map)
    Heng shan worldHeng Shancreep
  6. Song Shan, China (map)
    Song Shan worldmapSong Shan-Starium Route - Circles

Australia, Oceania & Indonesia

  1. Situbondo, Indonesia (map)
    Situbondo map locationSitubondocreep
  2. Umbrawarra Gorge, Australia (map)
    UMBRAWARRAGORGE-1-Umbrawarra Gorge creep
  3. Ubirr, Australia (map)
    Ubirr locationUbirr creep
  4. Vanuatu, Vanuatu (map)
    Vanuatua locationVanuatuacreep
  5. Urewera, New Zealand (map)
    Urewera locationUrewera New Zealand starium hunt

Europe & Western Russia

  1. Hadrian's Wall, United Kingdom (map)
    Hadrians wall localHadrian wall creep
  2. Afan Forest*, United Kingdom (map)
    Afan Forest locationAfan Forest Hunt
  3. Watch Croft*, United Kingdom (map)
    Watch Croft locationWatchcroftcreep
  4. Tower of Hercules, Spain (map)
    Tower of Hercules localTpwer of hercules creep
  5. Sella Valley, Spain (map)
    Sella Valley localSella Valley starium hunt
  6. Ibiza, Spain (map)
    Ibiza localIbiza creep
  7. Laval-Dieu, France (map)
    Lavaldieu localLaval dieu creep
  8. Les Combes, France (map)
    Les combes localLes combes creep
  9. La Spezia, Italy (map)
    La Spezia locationLa spezia creep
  10. Weisshorn, Switzerland (map)
    Weisshorn localWeisshorn starium hunt
  11. Bavarian Forests, Germany (map)
    Bavarian Forests Local Map - UpdatedBavarian Forests creep
  12. Sumava*, Czeche Republic (map)
    Hbm-sumava-locationSumava creep
  13. Chalice Rock, Czeche Republic(map)
    Chalice Rock localChalice rock creep
  14. Lake Yssel, Netherlands (map)
    Lake Yssel Local Map - UpdatedLake yssel creep
  15. Langelinie*, Denmark (map)
    Langelinie locationLangelinie creep
  16. Vistula, Poland (map)
    Vistula locationVistula creep
  17. L'viv, Ukraine (map)
    L'viv locationLviv creep
  18. Inari*, Finland (map)
    LOCAL MAP OF INARI oct 7 2013Inari creep
  19. Severomorsk, Russia (map)
    Severomorsk localSeveromorsk creep

Note: Players who began after October, 2013, will never find Starium Hunt starium at the locations marked with *.