Accessing Backpack Items

When you collect items in game, they are automatically placed in your backpack for storage. This functions as your character's inventory and can be accessed wherever you are. In addition to your backpack, you can store items in any barn.



(For more information about backpacks and upgrades, see the main article: Backpack)

Your backpack holds all the items you collect as you progress through the game. It has a limit of how many item stacks it can hold. When you reach the limit, you are given the option to upgrade your backpack or sell items to make more room.

Typically, item stacks in the backpack are much smaller than in a barn, but your character carries the backpack and you are able to access anything in your backpack from any location you are visiting. Most players tend to fill their backpacks with food to restock their Energy and help them travel further distances.


(For more information about barns and upgrades, see the main article: Barns)


In addition to your Backpack you can store things in any barn on your Home property.

Each barn will allow you to store a large number of item stacks. Stacks are typically 100 of an item type. For instance, if you harvested 120 Bananas, your backpack would hold two full stacks of 50 bananas and a third stack of 20. If placed in your barn, there would be a single stack of 100 bananas and a second stack of 20. This can be useful when trying to save space in your backpack, or stocking up for future crafting.

There are two different barns that can be purchased for Bank Notes:

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