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There are several different Locations around the world that have a small specialty shop where Folk can buy items for Coins or Bank Notes. Many of these items can also be purchased directly from your Almanac - click the price in the top right corner of the item picture, and you'll have the option to buy it. Other items can be purchased in the Shop - click on the shopping bag in the toolbar.

Shop Types

Different types of shops sell different items, not all shops of a certain type always sell all items. There are 11 types of shops:

Shop Specialty Locations
Animal Trader Animals Changle, Chengdu, Nanjing, Nottingham
Farmer's Shop Animals, Ingredients, Seeds L'viv, Nottingham, London, La Ferte-Bernard
Fishing Shop Lures Adak, Changle, Koga Village, Chengdu
Fishing Stall Components, Lures,Rods Adak, Inari, Loch Ness, Nottingham, Storsjon, Nanjing, Changle, Florence
Food Wagon Food Adak, Ha Long Bay
Fruit Wagon Crops, Fruit, Drinks Adak, Changzhi, Florence, Chengdu
General Store Axes, Backpacks, Blueprints, Components, Loot, Picks, Seeds, Shovels L'viv, Ha Long Bay, London, Nanjing, Nottingham, Tarascon, Chengdu, La Ferte-Bernard
Grocery Stall Drinks, Food, Crops, Ingredients, Produce Packs, Seeds Adak, L'viv, La Ferte-Bernard, Nottingham
Laboratory Potions La Ferte-BernardUppsala Observatory
Restaurant Drinks, Food, Fruit, Ingredients, Loot Florence, Inari, London, Nottingham
Tailor's Shop Clothing Ha Long Bay, Nanjing, London, Nottingham

Specialty Shop

London and Nanjing has some special shops which are (at least so far) found nowhere else in the world:

Specialty Shop Location Specialty
Eddie & Sons London Blueprints, Components, Plans, Special Packs
Ministry of Monsters London Lucky Coins, Potion Bundles, Potions, Special Packs
Rods 'N' Cods London Components, Lures, Rods
MacDonald's Farm London Animals, Fruit, Ingredients, Produce Packs, Seeds
Moustachio's Kitchen London Crops, Drinks, Food, Fruit, Ingredients, Loot, Produce Packs
Stitch In Time London Clothing
The Alchemists' Society London Potions, Potion Bundles
The House of Li Nanjing Energy Bundles, Food, Lucky Coins
Yin's Eldritch Emporium Nanjing Blueprints & Plans, Homestead Decorations, Special Packs
Mr Chu's Fruit & Veg Nanjing Food, Ingredients
Fung's Farm Nanjing Animals, Seeds, Special Packs
Mrs Yum's Treats Nanjing Drinks, Food, Ingredients
Miss Moo's Animals Nanjing Animals
Silver Scales Supplies Nanjing Fish Hooks, Lures, Rods
Silken Stitches Nanjing Clothing
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Frost Fayre

Some shops had special offers which were only available during Frost Fayre 2012: