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For a list of all achievements, see Achievements#Achievements List.
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Secret Achievements are achievements that will not appear in your almanac until you unlock them. This feature was added during the September 2013 game updates but not named until the following month.

To access the list of your secret achievements, look under the Achievements section in your game almanac. Then select the button that says "Secret" from the list of categories. This will show all the achievements you've unlocked in that section.

Achievement Counter

You will be able to see a running total of your unlocked achievements in the total bar at the top of the secret achievement section. However, you will be not be able to see how many are available to unlock - the game shows a question mark in place of the overall total number.

Secret achievements do not count towards your overall achievement total on the main achievement screen.

Types of Secret Achievements

There are several main types of activities you can do to earn these achievements. Participating in seasonal events via the HBM Fanpage and building seasonal decorations, fishing, and completing quests make up the most common ways to unlock them.

After the October 17, 2013 game update, many achievements previously in the 'quests' category were moved to the secret section. The developers renamed or removed many of the quests that led up to those achievements with the early game rewrite and so newer players will not be able to earn these achievements.

Seasonal achievements will only be available to complete during the part of the year that HBM was running the special season or event. Players who were unable to participate in those events will be unable to get those secret achievements. For example, the The Hallowed Achievement will only be available to players who can log in during All Hallows' Festival in late October. Similarly, the Decorator of Death! Achievement was only given to players who participated in the Homestead contest during All Hallows' Festival.

Secret Achievement List

# Icon Name Description Category Access
1 Expert of your craft icon.png Expert Of Your Craft Build an Expert's level Campfire, Workshop, Laboratory, and Windmill Secret Building
2 YearOfTheHorseAchievementIcon.png Year of the Horse Met Hongjun Laozu, Qinglong, Zhuque, Baihu and Xuan Wu and wished with the Red Envelopes they gave you. Secret Seasonal
3 Holiday Blues icon.png Holiday Blues Put up your very own Blue Festive Tree! Secret Seasonal
4 Treeshirt Weather icon.png Tree-shirt Weather Put up your very own Icy Festive Tree! Secret Seasonal
5 Oh gaudy icon.png Oh gaudy... Put up your very own Pink Festive Tree! Secret Seasonal
6 A festive treet icon.png A Festive Tree-t Put up your very own Red Festive Tree! Secret Seasonal
7 Words of warning icon.png Words of Warning Listen to the Peryton Stag's Words of Warning Secret Retired Quest
8 A little bird told me icon.png A Little Bird Told Me You found the treasure unlocked by the Blue Robin Key! Secret Event
9 Santas little helper icon.png Santa's Little Helper Complete all of the tasks given to you by Santa's Magic Quill! Secret Seasonal
10 Winter Wish Icon.png Winter Wish! Make a wish at the Wishing Well in Santa's Grotto Secret Seasonal
11 Mudskippers Ahoy icon.png Mudskippers Ahoy! You must like Mudskippers that you caught a hundred of them, perhaps you are a Mudskipper? Secret Fishing
12 Decorator of Death icon.png Decorator of Death! With such a ghoulish taste in decor, you are truly a Decorator of Death Secret Seasonal Event
13 Let Us Give Thanks icon.png Let Us Give Thanks Make yourself a Thanksgiving Feast! Secret Seasonal
14 The Hallowed icon.png The Hallowed Trap Jack o' Lanterns, reconstruct their cape and craft a Pumpkin Scarecrow! Secret Seasonal
15 Illuminating icon.png Illuminating Helped Eddie and his son Thomas invent the Lightglobe! Secret Quest
16 Millionaire icon.png Millionaire Net yourself 1,000,000 coins! Secret Money
17 Fireworking Nine to Five icon.png Fireworking Nine to Five! Get yourself some Gnomish Fireworks to celebrate the New Year Secret Seasonal
18 ProfOfLogic-icon.png Professor of Logic You mastered the puzzling Logic Trap Secret Quests
19 The hunter of the booty icon.png The Hunter of Booty! Track down No-Beard's Locked Pirate Chest and return it to him Secret Exploring
20 A cheesy reconciliation icon.png A Cheesy Reconciliation Become a member of the Guernsey & Chavignol Cheese Appreciate and Preservation Society Secret Retired Quest
21 Sunny Side Up icon.png Sunny Side Up Complete Chef Moustachio's first few tasks, until you fry an egg for him Secret Retired Quest
22 Moustachio's Flour icon.png Moustachio's Flour Help Much the Miller's Son make Moustachio's Flour Secret Retired Quest
23 Rock Lobsterator icon.png Rock Lobsterator Work with Eddie to build your first trap Secret Retired Quest
24 A bit cagey icon.png A Bit Cagey Work with Eddie to build your second trap Secret Retired Quest
25 The Guardian of Guernsey icon.png The Guardian of Guernsey Resolve the Tomb Guardian of Guernsey's unfinished business Secret Retired Quest
26 Habitual Line Stepper icon.png Habitual Line Stepper You broke Trapper Andrew. You are a habitual line stepper. Secret Interaction
27 High Society icon.png High Society Hand in all 3 Alchemists' References to Mister Dee Secret Retired Quest
28 Around the campfire icon.png Around the Campfire Work with Norris the Gnome to set up your homestead Secret Retired Quest
29 Whats in a name icon.png What's In a Name? Be christened with a new name more suiting to your character Secret Quest
30 Sturgeon General icon.png Sturgeon General Catch 100 sturgeon to become the Sturgeon General Secret Fishing
31 The Ugly Ducking icon.png The Ugly Duckling You found an Ugly Duckling and although it won't turn into a beautiful swan it will grow up to be a regular looking Duck Secret Interaction
32 Island Hopper icon.png Island Hopper You hopped all the way to Easter Island and all you found was an irate Trapper Andrew Secret Exploring
33 Jacuzzi Party icon.png Jacuzzi Party Looks like you found The Duck Lady's secret Hot Tub! Secret Interaction
34 So many questions icon.png So Many Questions Collect one hundred Question Mark Butterflies Secret Collecting
35 Wish for a week of time icon.png Wish for a Week of Time Obtain a Week of Time Potion from the Nanjing Wishing Well Secret Wishing
36 Wash your hands! icon.png Wash your hands! Have Guano, Mustelid Musk, and Pig Gas in your backpack Secret Collecting
37 Fry Cook icon.png Fry Cook Cook twenty five Fried Eggs, Onion Rings, Calamari, and Fish and Chips Secret Cooking
38 Love is in the air icon.png Love is in the air Cook five Love Cakes using Love Letters Secret Cooking
39 Strong and Independent icon.png Strong and Independent Crush up Love Letters and make five Anti-Love Cakes Secret Cooking
40 Artisan of the Elements icon.png Artisan of the Elements Craft 5 each of Eye of Elements, Frozen Sapphire, Inferno Ruby, and Living Emerald Secret Crafting
41 LovedOneIcon.png Loved One Collect 200 Love Letters Secret Seasonal
42 The 100000 icon.png The 100,000! You are part of the first 100,000 to 'like' the game! Secret Limited Time/Event
43 Rocketeer icon.png Rocketeer Craft ten Rockets Secret Crafting
44 Feast of st patrick icon.png Feast of St. Patrick Caught a Leprechaun before the 24th March and found the Pot o' Gold! Secret Seasonal
45 Patron of the arts icon.png Patron of the Arts Awarded in recognition of you kindly supporting the Ministry of Monsters! Secret Event
46 The Duck Thief icon.png The Duck Thief You found all of Mei-Lien's missing Ducks at Qingdao Secret Quest
47 Master of All icon.png Master Of All Build a Master's level Campfire, Workshop, Laboratory and Windmill Secret Purchase
48 A True Artisan icon.png A True Artisan Build an Artisan's level Campfire, Workshop, Laboratory and Windmill Secret Purchase
49 TomeRaider-icon.png The Tome Raider You really did it? Wow, you crafted the Tome Raider and recovered all of Meihui's stolen library books Secret Quest
50 DoubleDigits-icon.png Double Digits Reach Level 10 Secret Levelling
51 RoaringTwenties-icon.png Roaring Twenties Reach Level 20 Secret Levelling
52 GoingOnThirty-icon.png Going On Thirty Reach Level 30 Secret Levelling
53 LifeBeginsAtForty-icon.png Life Begins At Forty Reach Level 40 Secret Levelling
54 GoldenJubilee-icon.png Golden Jubilee Reach Level 50 Secret Levelling
55 SwingingSixties-icon.png Swinging Sixties Reach Level 60 Secret Levelling
56 Seventies plenty icon.png Seventies Plenty Reach Level 70 Secret Levelling
57 Reach Level 80 Secret Levelling
58 Reach Level 90 Secret Levelling
59 Natural Mystic Achievement icon.png Natural Mystic You've invested in the occult! Place the contents of the Natural Mystic Bundle on your Homestead. Secret Purchase
60 Greek Chic-icon.png Greek Chic You got your Greek on! Place the contents of the My Big Fat Greek Bundle on your Homestead. Secret Purchase
61 Honourary Gnome Achievement-icon.png Honourary Gnome You turned your homestead into a Gnomish retreat! Secret Purchase
62 I Feel Love Achievement-icon.png I Feel Love Somebody has a not so secret admirer! Secret Purchase
63 ItsNotAHoax-icon.png It's not a hoax! Catch a Wild Haggis, collect a Haggis Sack, cook some Haggis & Tatties then feed it to Nessie Secret Collecting
64 Expedition Leader Achievement icon.png Expedition Leader You are kitted out to lead an expedition to find Rompos! Secret Purchase
65 ItCameFromLake icon.png It came... from the lake! Catch five of each of the following lake monsters: Secret Trapping
66 Loyal Minion-icon.png Loyal Minion You've done the bidding of a Ghost Secret Seasonal
67 Werewolves Can't Jump-icon.png Werewolves Can't Jump... Become Werewolf Scot's 'Bro' Secret Seasonal
68 Funtime Treehouse Party! Achievement-icon.png Funtime Treehouse Party! Your turned your Homestead into one Epic Treehouse Funtime Party! Secret Purchase
69 Rat Splatter! Achievement-icon.png Rat Splatter! Teach Moustachio a lesson he'll never forget Secret Limited Time/Event
70 Decorator of Doom! Achievement-icon.png Decorator of Doom! With such a flare for the macabre in decor, you are truly a Decorator of Doom Secret Limited Time/Event
71 You Salty Dog! Achievement-icon.png You Salty Dog! Ye be a true pirate and a salty dog! Secret Purchase
72 Live Like A King Achievement-icon.png Live Like A King You have your very own Castle! Secret Building
73 Rod Aficionado Achievement-icon.png Rod Aficionado You certainly know a thing or two about rods Secret Purchase
74 Santa's Savior icon.png Santa's Savior Complete all of the tasks given to you by Santa's Magic Quill in 2014! Secret Seasonal
75 Bringer of Coal icon.png Bringer of Coal Sack Trapper Andrew from Santa's staff and deliver him a Sack of Coal Secret Seasonal