Seasonal quests are released around major holidays or events and are themed quest lines centered around common events for that holiday. They are only available for a limited amount of time, and are not part of the main game storyline. In many cases, there are Secret Achievements for finishing the quest line. The two largest holiday themes are centered around All Hallows' Festival and Frost Fayre.


Quest Line List of Quests Achievements & Rewards
Frost Fayre 2012 Quest Line
A Panicked Prelude The Inari Investigation Santa Clues (Sub-quest: Together at last)
Santa Flaws
(Sub-quests required)
A Rebel Without a Claus This One Will Sleigh You - Frost Fayre 2012 Elvis' Errand
Grotto Gratitude
(Sub-quests required)
Perkins' Perogative Perkins' Plan Perkins' 'ppreciation
Santa's Gnomes are Revolting Santapplause - Frost Fayre 2012
Santa's Sack of Goodies
All Hallows' Festival 2013 Quest Line
Jack's Back Next of Pumpkin
Toffee Apple Tree
Frost Fayre 2013 Quest Line
Winter Wonderland! Elvis's Errand Don't stop believin'
Yule Log
(Sub-quests required)
This one will sleigh you - Frost Fayre 2013 Tinseltown Missing Persons Super Sleuth Hat Trick The tracks lead west... Busted. The Toy Maker's Materials Alan's Partridge Her Lips Don't Lie Naughty or Nice? Quillnapped! 'X' Marks the Spot Treasure! Final Festive Fun! Santapplause - Frost Fayre 2013 The gift that keeps on giving
Until next year!
Red Festive Tree Blueprint from Winter Wonderland!,

Santa's Sack of Goodies,
Santa's Little Helper Achievement

New Year 2014 Quest Line
Happy New Year! 2014 Another Year, Another Quest
Fireworking Nine To Five! Achievement
Chinese New Year 2014
Year of the Horse Red Letter Days The Eastern Wood of Spring The Southern Fire of Summer The Western Metal of Autumn The Northern Water of Winter
6 Red Envelopes, Enchanted Horseshoe,
Year of the Horse Achievement
The Feast of St Patrick Quest Line 2014
The Feast of St. Patrick The Leprechauns' Secret The End of the Rainbows
The Feast of St. Patrick Achievement
All Hallows' Festival 2014 Quest Line
Jack's Back! 2014 Next of Pumpkin 2014 You look a little Pale... Ghost World The Little Vampire... Bite Me Ego at Stake! Pain in the Neck Most Haunted Mean Spirited Teen Wolf Replenish those Electrolytes Meat Feast Team Players Bad Dudes
Loyal Minion Achievement
Frost Fayre 2014 Quest Line
Saving Frost Fayre Running Rampant A Drink for Santa
A Quill Full of Quests
(Sub-quests required)
Disastrous Delivery Dexa's Decorations Panic in Paradise Missing at the Reservoir On the Right Track Following the Tracks Very Cheeky A Return to Form Solstice Sorcery See No Evil, Smell No Evil Santa's Anomaly Pinched A Badly Hidden Burial Treasure Trove Closing the Curtains (Given by Santa: Santa's Little Trapper (Side Quests: Heart of Darkness Sacked!)) A Parting Gift
Many Happy Returns
Blue Festive Tree Blueprint
from Saving Frost Fayre.

Santa's Sack of Goodies
from A Parting Gift.

Santa's Little Helper Achievement (can only be completed once)
& Santa's Savior Achievement

New Year 2015 Quest Line
Hogmanay Preparations Wee Beasties! A Happy New Year To You!
Golden Star
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