Quest Log Screen

Quests are given to you by many characters in the game and drive the storyline of your adventures. All quests unlock in a roughly linear pattern - though some quests require the completion of a side quest line to continue with the main story.

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New quests will appear on the top left side of your screen as icons, and in your Quest Log. To see a full list of all your available and completed quests, click on the Quest Log Icon. The icon appears under the icons of three active quests and looks like a red shield. Areas with active quests show up on your map with a purple exclamation point. If you hover over the location on the map, you will see which quest is active at that location. You are able to travel to many locations for free during quests.

Daily Quests

Daily Quests were added to the game on September 3, 2014. For more information visit the Daily Quest page.

Quest Progression

For games started before October 17, 2013, see Old Quests (London and Tutorial).
For seasonal quests, see Seasonal Quests.

The main storyline moves through Europe into the Far East and is accompanied by a series of quests surrounding several shipwrecked characters who train you to fish. Once you complete the Guardian of Stonehenge Quest Line, the quest lines split between two main tasks of preparing for the Chef of Steel Competition and working with the House of Li to stop Zhong Kui.

To show quest progression in this order, we've organized the quests based on which continent they are centered around and split the Far East section between the overarching story type.

London/Europe Quests

Tutorial Quests

Quest Line List of Quests Achievements & Rewards
Trapper Training Quest Line
Introductions Catch a fallen star Gnome Trouble It's a trap! What's This? Hungry! Pixie Dust Sneaky Goblins Home is where the heart is Welcome Home If a woodchuck could chuck Rockin' Practically builds itself Pitch, please Settled In Are you Eddie? Chiefly about profits All work and no clay This is the pits... Make chase! Catch the Thief Wwwaaaarrrgghhhh!
Let's just move on, again
(Sub-quests required)
A Fallen Star
Making Lunch
Beauty and the Butterfly
Trapper Training Achievement
Choose Homestead location
Choose Folk Character
Workshop Blueprint

Spyrion Line

Quest Line List of Quests Achievements & Rewards
Expecting Expeditions Quest Line
Expecting Expeditions It's You! Firestarter Up the Creek Farmhand Harvester All Around the Campfire Power Plant Grubs Up (Unlocks Evette, Ministry Secretary)
I'll Crate Here For You
(Sub-quests required)
Much the Miller's Son Where There's Will There's Wheat No Mouse In Your Windmill Flour After Flour Oil Of The Sun
Missin' Chickens
(Sub-quests required)
Poultry panic! What are you, Chicken? (Opens Old MacDonald Quest Line)
Sunny Side Up Meat Your Maker For When It All Goes Wrong... Everything Is Ready Captain's Quarters Bashak-Pack Sandy Across The Border Picked Clean Rockin' to Brocken A Right Pear Heading North Breaking The Vattern A Star In The Snow... Uppsala We Go Neverfading Problems It Came From The Sky! Iron It Out Cold As Iron Waiting for the drop They see me trollin'
Help the Alchemists
(Sub-quests required)
Corruption Cleanup Delicacy in Science Strong Foundations Grab your lab coat (Sub-quest: Starfall) The Essence of Time Hour time to shine A refraction on your ability Is Leona okay? We need more data! A sticky situation Delivering the data Real Recruit
Expecting Expeditions Achievement
Merfolk Mysteries Quest Line
Barn party! Astronomy Atrocity The Lobsterator Duplicator Testing the Waters
Moustachio Matters
(Sub-quests required)
Davey the Fisherman Rod-dle Me This Forage Up Some Grub First Fish Fly Fishing Keepy Guppy (Opens Rod of Electricity Quest Line)
He Really Likes Crates, Doesn't He? Getting Baked Warm Like... Cherry Pie? What, A Tart? Something Fishy
Countdown to Catastrophe (Sub-quests: The Little Mermaid Sierra's Sibling Situation Taking the Piece) The Triumphant Trapper
Merfolk Mysteries Achievement
Engineering Education Quest Line
Acclaimed Artifact Thomas, Eddie's Son Engineering Education What a Windbag! Pigeon Trapping Like Father, Like Son Break it Up Eddie's Supplies (Sub-quest: Thomas' Supplies) Junior Engineer
Engineering Education Achievement
The Ambassadors' Party Quest Line
Moving Swiftly on! Banquet Preparations Herbal Remedies Alcoholic Alternative Beer Run Need for Mead The Italian Job (Opens Florence and the Machinist Quest Line) Lording the Rings
Rings Out
(Sub-quests required)
Livio's Gold
Lucretia's Melons
Orsola's Predicament Orsola's Appreciation
Celso's Refusal
Rings In Dough! Pasta Time Away Lady of the Night Pasta Point of No Return Pasta Parcel Burning Down The House Eastern Promises Banquet Begins Service! (Subquests: Bashak-et Potato Soup-er Duper! Indeed, Mister Dee Needs Mead Going, Going, Scone! Juice and Yin) You've Been Served Hammertime
The Ambassadors' Party Achievement
Begrudging Admittance Quest Line
Skipping Meals Alchemists' Emergency A Note Taker's Tools London Grub Corruption's Call Bring me a Shrubbery! Plant Life Dealing with the Symptoms! Combat the Corruption Took a Lichen Toxic Tonic Weed Killer Aggravate that Aggregate Leaf Edmund Alone! (Subquest: The Root of the Problem) Chrysalis Corrupted Report
Begrudging Admittance Achievement
All for One and One for All Quest Line
Mister Dee's Decree Finding Fulcanelli
Situation Stipulation
(Sub-quests required)
Athos' Assessment
Aramission The Tool Trail Tool Tipped Tracking the Tool-Thief Tools of the Trade Tooled Up Mustering the Materials Win-d'oh! Material Gueul...ard
The Apple of My Eye Porthos' Provisions Keen for Unforeseen Cuisine
Fulcanelli's Forecast
(Sub-quests required)
Porthos' Proposition Replenishing the Remedy Matthieu's Mirth Fulcanelli's Following Feat Super Scope
Aramissive Camouflage Barrage
Athos' Assignment Indigo Get Some Bait Hooray for Brulee Mark of the ginger Peluda Intruder
Scout's Horror
(Sub-quests required)
Fulcanelliphant Jolly Mixture
The Scouting Party Scouting Party Pooper Return to La Ferte-Bernard
Porforce What's Your Poisson? Fish Fit for a King
Beseeching Bashak for Backup Beseech Impediment Turn that Town Upside-Down The Peludas Pounce
Rinse and Repeat
(Sub-quests required)
If Athos You Don't Succeed... You say Peluda, I say Pe-Leader Regal Ramblings The Peluda King's Speech Purging the Peludas
First Porthos of Call Any Porthos in a Storm
Aramississippi Peluda Excluder
Peluda-Narrative Dissonance The People's Reward Dragon's Dogma Fulcanelli's Future Au Revoir Athos
All for one and one for all! Achievement
Guardian of Stonehenge Quest Line
The Relic Request Eddie's Decision Dragon's Lair Greater Concerns The Thunderdome The Thrill of the Hunt Three Mouths to Feed A Vial of Vile Seeking Hospitality Volca-no! (Sub-quest: Fork Handles?) Seeing Eye to Eye The Fires of Vesuvius A Fitting Sacrifice Awaiting Rituals Full Circle At Least in Theory Ice Ice Baby Frigid Beast
Let's Finish Up Here
(Sub-quests required)
Musketeer Down! Always Time For A Barbeque Barbeque Bait
Sinister Circumstances at Stonehenge The Corruption of Stonehenge
Blades in the Sky
(Sub-quests required)
The Lost Codex Pixie Problems Pixies & Pages Knowledge is Power Charging Up
Growing Concerns ...what's that noise?
We're Literally Under Attack!
(Sub-quests required)
The Shabby Goblin The Shady Goblin

Cry of the Wyvern The Defence of London Back to Battlefront

Taking Back Stonehenge
(Sub-quests required)
Clearing the Corruption The Final Reagents Triangulation Stations The Ring of Runes
The Disruptor Here Be Dragons The Guardian of Stonehenge Eddie's Reward A well deserved... holiday?
Guardian of Stonehenge Achievement

Side Quests

Quest Line List of Quests Achievements & Rewards Unlocked By
Old MacDonald Quest Line
What are you, Chicken? The Sheep Goes 'Baa' The Cow goes 'Moo' Not Calf Bad (Subquest: Moo Moo) Return of the Milk Watering Hole Bees Please! The Bees go 'Bzzz' Mark of a Farmer
Unlock Beehive, Water Well, Sheep, Chicken, and Cow Complete Poultry panic!
Evette Ministry Secretary Quest Line
Evette, Ministry Secretary Go Gnome, then report! Just a sprinkle of Pixie Dust... Nail a Goblin Troll for Iron
None Complete Grubs Up
Florence and the Machinist Quest Line
Florence and the Machinist Eddie's Rival Bird Watching Avian Annotations Fantastic Feathers Pixie Poaching Draw me like one of your... Utterly Butterfly Stony Gaze Basilisk Bothering Da Vinci's Legacy Bird of War
Florence and the Machinist Achievement Complete Need for Mead
The Charlatan Quest Line
Show and Telling Off Time to Roc Very Sketchy Birds of a Feather
The Charlatan Achievement Finish Florence and the Machinist Quest Line
& Craft Da Vinci Rockets
Escort Expedition Quest Line
Miranda's Heart That's Just Crate When Life Gives You Lemans The Next Step A Quick Breather To Florence! One Last Thing...
Escort Expedition Achievement Visit Vix
The Florentine Guard Quest Line
Romancing the Stone Delivering the Goods Saving Macon's Bacon No Shoes, Yet Gloves...
The Florentine Guard Achievement Visit Florence during the Rings Out quest
The Great Egg Hunt Quest Line
Claudia and Schnitzel The Great Egg Hunt
The Great Egg Hunt Achievement Level 20
& Visit Bavarian Forests
The Egg-stra Mile Quest Line
A Burrowed Frau The Great Bavarian Bake-off The Wolpertinger Humdinger Deliver Us From Legal Understand and Deliver Signed, Steeled, Delivered Eastern Eggs Egg on your Place The Egg-stra Mile Eggs-ceded Eggs-pectations An Eggs-citing Reward!
The Egg-stra Mile Achievement Finish The Great Egg Hunt Quest Line
Fish & Meatballs Quest Line
Lihapullat Craft Lihapullat in your Campfire Meatball Mastery
Arctic Coddled Sturgeon-in-chief
Fish & Meatballs Achievement Visit Inari
A Cold Sahara Night Quest Line
Soft and Poisonous United Dairies A Cold Sahara Night
A Cold Sahara Night Achievement Visit Cara Oasis
Neville's Legacy Quest Line
Neville's Not Well Filling-in for Neville Atlantic Coddled Fisherman's Nosh
Neville's Legacy Achievement Visit Oban
The Hunter of Booty Quest Line
Secret Pirate Island! Pirates Ahoy! Rummy! Feeling Groggy
Booty Hunter
(Sub-quests required)
Let the Treasure Hunt Begin! A Message in a Bottle For the Love of the Hunt! Hmmm... A Message in a Bottle Treasure, Treasure - Where Are You? Another Message in a Bottle Treasure Hunts are Fun! Is that Another Message in a Bottle? Treasure-Hunters of the World Unite! Yet Another Message in a Bottle I'm Looking for Treasure! Why So Many Messages in Bottles? Still on the Hunt... Message... in... a... Bottle... I Will Treasure This Treasure Hunting What Is The Deal With All These Bottles? I Live For Treasure! Seriously? Another Message In A Bottle?! I Want Treasure! So... Many... Bottles... Where Is This Treasure! Oh Goody... A Message In A Bottle... Give Me Treasure! Will These Bottles Ever End? Give Me Treasure! (2) 99 Messages In Bottles On A Wall... Where Is The Booty?! Did Someone Hide All These Bottles? Really?! Show Me The Booty! A Bottle No Doubt Leading To Another Bottle... I Need Booty In My Life! These Bottles Are Sapping My Will To Live... I Lust For Booty! Please Let This Be the Last Message in a Bottle...
The Hunter of Booty! Achievement
Reward: Pirate Chest
Level 32

Pirate/Fishing Quests

Quest Line List of Quests Achievements & Rewards Unlocked By
Rod of Electricity Quest Line
A Reel Rod Fish eat fish world Fishy fun Mysterious Marauder The Great Pirate...Norris? Feast Fit For a Pirate Why is the rum always gone? Convince the Mystics Cleito the Mystic Mystical Misplacement Pearlescent That was easy... Norris's Plans Rod of Electricity Just How Good Is It?
Rod of Electricity Achievement,
Unlocks Shockwave Rod
Complete Keepy Guppy
Rod of Silence Quest Line
Yumi Wants Something Yumi's Request Eastern Rod Feeding the Hungry Flying Food Ninja Pirate The Littlest Engineer Mechanical Man Oni Mark the Spot Key to the Shrine Next Part of the Plan Fugu Farming The Heist is On Oni Down A Successful Heist Koga Village's Treasures Lost its Luster Queen of the Sea
Ruler of the Ocean
(Sub-quests required)
Western Shrine of the Dragon King Eastern Shrine of the Dragon King Northern Shrine of the Dragon King Southern Shrine of the Dragon King
Almost Awakened Awakening Ritual Powered Up Rod of Silence Food that Bites Fishy Feast One of the Crew
Rod of Silence Achievement Complete Rod of Electricity Quest Line
& Suddenly, Ninjas! Quest Line

Nanjing/Far East Quests

Chef of Steel Quests

Quest Line List of Quests Achievements & Rewards Unlocked By
The Bearkeeper Quest Line
Off to Iberia Sausage Rolled Get A Brew On
The Waiting Game
(Sub-quests required)
We're Going to Need a Bigger Boat We're Going to Need a Better Boat Peaky Peaky A Sly Pint
The Lady Needs Comfort Foods A Piri Exciting Offer Piri Spicy Chicken Down the Hatch
The Sorceress's Apprentice Electro-Rock Fusion As Cool As Rice
In The Post Onward To... Zengo! So This Is Zengo... Hit The Trail to... Yanartas! Adventurers Assemble: Yanartas Travel with Haste to... Silakhor Plain Safely In Silakhor Plain Advance to... Hingol From Hingol With Love Refreshing Citrus Beverage Onwards And Upwards To... Nanda Devi! A Bit Chilly in Nanda Devi Descend to... Indawgyi Lake A Place in the Sun at Indawgyi Lake A Fruity Delivery A Fishing Adventure! Enjoying A Fruit Cake Set Forth to... Nanyue! Lost...
... And Found
(Sub-quests required)
Hello Mr Yeti Beauty and The Beast Bear and Soup and Fun!
Blaze A Path To... Nanjing! Final Destination Tea Time No Place For Adventurers
The Bearkeeper Achievement Guardian of Stonehenge Quest Line
Master Chef Quest Line
Wong Inquiries Pasta Perfect Moving Rice Cooking Up Rice Totally Fried What Came First...? The Chicken or the Egg? Open Sesame Prawned Do You Tofu? To Be A Master...A Cooking Master!
Master Chef Achievement
Apprentice's Windmill Blueprint
The Bearkeeper Quest Line
Spice Spice Baby Quest Line
Showing Fangs The Wong Side Of The Bed Spice Up Your Life Full Metal Jacket Potato Battered And Fried Quintessentially Dull Need Spice, Pronto! Fork-Saken Chan-Tastic Chicken Chan-Tacular Soup Chan-errific Pork
Little Trapper Picked A Pepper
(Sub-quests required)
The Gui on Haunted Hill The Three Stooges A Sporting Chance Hidden And Not Very Dangerous Death Wish Once More Into The Breach, Dear Friends... Sinking Her Fangs In
Hauntingly Spicy Watering Chan Don't Milk It, Chan! I Scream! A Broken Chan Final Chan-tasy Wong Again Adventure Time! Ted Talk Go Play With Your Friend Spice Spice Baby
Spice Spice Baby Achievement
Ghost Chili Pepper
Complete Master Chef Quest Line
Master Of Vegetables Quest Line
Tofu or Not Tofu... That is The Question Yushu About This?! Very Bad Pot (Unlock What's In a Name? Achievement) A Deep Clean Far Out... A Roofer and a Trapper She's a Rainbow Moonage Daydream
Going Postal
(Sub-quests required)
In The Bad Books... No More Nonsense
Chan-tastic Catch Up Ghost Chili Chan-tasy All Boxed Up
'Bongo Drums'...? Musical Chairs Fully Cloth-ed Ready, Get Set... Flower Power The Package Was Light The Wrath Of Wong A Small Oversight The Host With The Most Meet and Greet Yan-tastic Noodles for 'Noodles' Taking Care of Business Oodles of Noodles A Jasmine Revolution Rabbit Food?! Isn't Fish A Vegetable? Cool and Tropical An Unwelcomed Guest Mean Girl Dining Alone? This Is Not 'Adventure Time' The Reluctant Vegetarian Food for Jenno! Oh The More It Changes... More Food for Jenno! Yet More Food for Jenno! Better Late Than Never... Master of Vegetables
Master Of Vegetables Achievement
This Is Not 'Adventure Time' unlocks Habitual Line Stepper Achievement
Complete Spice Spice Baby Quest Line
Duck Hunter Quest Line
Wong-wards and Upwards
Giving A Duck
(Sub-quests required)
I Don't See Any Ducks... Duck Hunt (Sub-quests: Ducks in Ganhe River! Ducks in Bei'er Lake! Ducks in Daliangzihe Forest!) This Is Getting Ridiculous...
Ducky Delivery Bright Side Of The Moon Hot Pink Classic Wong
Side Quests Required The Best of British Nutty Duck Ducky-Eggy-Yolky Prawns One Sour Duck
Euro Trip No Book - No Duck 'Où est Gog?!' Non - Serieusement, Où Est Gog?! Rescue 'Gog'! Orange Duck?
A Less Than Chan-tastic Chan Minty Fresh Medicine Chan Peculiar Requests... Pretty in Pink Scrubbing Up Well
In The Wong Just Don't Cook 'Gog'... Mrs Wong Needs A Duck A Chinwag With Henry Taking Orders An Adventure In Your Mouth The Sting Let's Talk Business Sampling The Merchandise Placing An Order Corner That Market Diversifying The Portfolio A Business Lunch For One A Spy In Our Midst Well That Was Ugly... Wild In Blue Off To See 'The Chan' How Do You Lose 'The Chan'? Out Of The Outhouse Pot Thief Bathtime Fun! Something Is Very Wong
Duck Hunter Achievement, Unlocks Ducks Complete Master Of Vegetables Quest Line
A Lesson In Comedy Quest Line
True Detective Business in Macau It's Honey Lemon Ginger Time! Order! Order! (Sub-quest: Pesky Dragon) Hau-se Hunting Busted!
Pain in the Grass
(Sub-quests required)
Move Any Mountain Wu Are You? Don't Give a Lamb Wrapped-Scallion Lamb-busters Wu Should Know New Kids on the Flock
Putting the 'con' into 'conundrum' Some Explaining To Do... Ain't No Mountain High Enough Crouching Trophy, Thieving Dragon Is This a Joke? Lost Property
A Lesson In Comedy Achievement
Unlocks Expert's Campfire Blueprint
Complete Duck Hunter Quest Line
Become the Chef of Steel Quest Line
Best of Pals Nested Recipe Oh, What A Tragedy Under Mountain Pressure Calling In A Favour If It Ain't Boke... Bird-Brained Scheme Don't Leave Me Fenghuang-ing Egg on Your Face Not Dragon His Heels Slow-Boke Freed Indeed Comfort Fooled Pushing His Luck Adventure (Ted) is Out There Iced-Iced, Baby Twice as Iced Expanding the Business Final Preparations Finally! To the Tournament Finals! A Common Goal Trash Talks Rules of Engagement Mentor-ly Prepared Starter as You Mean to Go On Sage Advice Food Fit for a Hunter Quacked in Two Quacking and Cooking Mentor-ly Questionable Once, Twice, Three Times a-Spicy! New Clear Reaction Poor-Li Chang Washing My Sheen Hole-y Cow! Spice, Ice, Maybe You Can't Go Wong Final Dish-tination Big Finish Judgment Day And the winner is... The Taste of Victory A Taste of Things to Come
Become the Chef of Steel Achievement
Unlocks Chef of Steel Trophy

House of Li/Ghost King Quests

Quest Line List of Quests Achievements & Rewards Unlocked By
Liaising with Li Chang Quest Line
Liaising with Li Chang Yin-structions High Spirits (quest) Bait a Minute!
Keen to Clean
(Sub-quests required)
Picking up the Pieces Jiao's Watchful Eye (Sub-quests: Catch a Gui for Me A Link To The Past)
Helping Hu We Three Gui Hu's Handouts
Siyu's Sight Jin's Journey Southpaw-prints Shaken, Not Stirred Jin and Tonic Taking Jin Home
Liaising with Li Chang Achievement Complete Guardian of Stonehenge Quest Line
Meng the Terrible Quest Line
Dressed The Part Waking the Dead Lost, Plain And Simple Do you believe in Ghosts? Well isn't that just Grandma? From Ghost To Coast Jingle Jangle On the run Excuse Gui, coming through! The Queen of Foxes A Drink made of Rice Flipped Out! Just Call Me Rustle Smash it! Helping the Elderly Moving On Up Nobody got time for that Riddle-race! A Lucky Gift Fox Hunting
The Second Talisman
(Sub-quests required)
Siyu Later The Remedy of St. John Angling for a Talisman
What a Catch! The Fox and the Mountain A Good Strong Cuppa The Third Talisman
The Last Talisman
(Sub-quests required)
Ouch! Unnatural Medicine The Carpenter Where's Dingbang? (Sub-quest: Chirpy chirp chirp!)
The Four Talismans Hit me with your best shot Meng the Terrible (quest)
Meng the Terrible Achievement Complete Liaising with Li Chang Quest Line
The Curse of Meng Quest Line
Opening Yin-quiry Meng the Tree-ible From Placid to Acid A Tactful Retreat The Great Library of Zhongnan Mountain
Making a Molehill out of Zhongnan Mountain
(Sub-quests required)
Fully Booked
Balancing the Books
By the Book
Book-handed Compliment No Mean Feet No Shirt, No Service Meet the Mentor Covering Dignity Broody Drench
Bargain Bucket
(Sub-quests required)
One Keen Keukegen Pluck-umo
Memory Sticks Picking out the Playwright A Right Prop-er Pain Stage Plight Performance Anxiety
Moderate Ado About Something
(Sub-quests required)
Audience Participation Cake Bossed
Parting can be more Sweet than Sorrow Don't Judge this Book by its Cover Swords and Sorcery Meddling with Mogwais Good to Go Du Ping's Things Great Expectations Mount-ing Pressure Tree-Meng-dous Sight for Spore Eyes Simply Spore-ful Dawn of the Ghost King Zhong Kui Lives
The Curse of Meng Achievement,

Expert's Workshop Blueprint with Don't Judge this Book by its Cover,
Ambassador folk title

Complete Meng the Terrible Quest Line
Embassy in the East Quest Line
Returns Policy Yin's Plea Status Update Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Again Report on Nanjing
Sub-quests required Missing Mechanic Electric Apologies Well, You'll Need This No, This Is How It Works! (Unlocks Illuminating Achievement) Light for all!
Leona, where art thou? Secret Research Flowers of the East Trapper of Dragons Emerald Green New Age Remedies Just a little chat... Renewed or Destroyed Drink the 'Lemonade'
Back to Nanjing Li Chang's Welcome Ministry Embassy!
Sub-quests required Help passing on...
Working Through the Pain Baa, Baa, Vegetable Lamb
Building the Embassy
Embassy in the East
Embassy in the East Achievement,

Illuminating Achievement from Illumination Subquest

Complete The Curse of Meng Quest Line
Suddenly, Ninjas! Quest Line
Recap with Bashak Boom!!! Big Bada-Boom Very Shaken, Probably Stirred
Sub-quests required Lending Leona a Hand Quizzical Cuisine Cuisine with a Dash of Cunning Sushi Role A Safe Side of Beef Nong'an Oddity A Fizzing Fissure Fissure Fixation
Bashak's Cunning Plan Umbra Umbrage Taotie-ly Bogus, Dude Yin-citing Yin-cident Yin's Not Alone Defying Li Yin's Cunning Plan Smashing A Yin-triguing Development
An Explosive Revelation Wrath of the Librarian On the Beaten Tracks Following in Du Ping's Footsteps Big Folk, Little Oak Northward Bound Hiding Sneak Played Koga Cabana Ready To Go The Big Bang Theory Oni the Beginning Pointing the way Happy Trails Your Flower of Need Flower Show The Oni Answer Starts and Crafts
Asuka's Wishes
(Sub-quests required)
The Whinging Ninja Oni if you say so Oni Because We Care Up the Mountain Oni Fools Rush In You Oni Live Twice The Oni Way is Nakadori If Oni The One and Oni
For Your Eyes Oni Leona's Solution The Oni Way to Find Out is to Try
Suddenly, Ninjas! Achievement,
Expert's Laboratory Blueprint from Leona's Solution
Complete Embassy in the East Quest Line
Engineering Excellence Quest Line
Time Heals All Wounds... ...Though Some Take Longer Than Others Visiting Hours Razzle Dazzle
Engineering Excellence Achievement Complete Suddenly, Ninjas! Quest Line
Ghosts of the Past Quest Line
Silky Smooth Bashak's Assistance Sneaky Sandals Bashak's Continued Assistance Rural Outfitters Dressed to Thrill How Do I Look? Let Sleeping Lilies Lie Not Your Usual Kind of Trap Quick! Hide! Lady Yin Regrouping Asuka's Secret Checking Yin The Yin to His Yang Will of the Wisps Childhood Memories Student Squalor Will of the Wisps II Memories of Graduation With Flying Colours Will of the Wisps III Memories of Rock Bottom The Courage to Act Prison Break Never Remember... The Ghost King's Sister Du Ping's Alive
Ghosts of the Past Achievement Complete Engineering Excellence Quest Line
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