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The Ministry of Monsters is an organization dedicated to trapping and curing monsters of the Corruption. They have a world-wide network of trappers and specialists who have dedicated their lives to trapping, alchemy, and engineering.

Their headquarters is located in London, where Bashak helps train all new Trappers. All remote locations around the world report to London, sending any reports of heightened monster activity directly to Bashak. You are often called on missions to help quiet down this monster activity.

In addition to intelligence, the Ministry helps keep all Trappers fully equipped with the latest in tools and food. They often ensure that special holidays are observed, like All Hallows' Festival and Frost Fayre Festival, by providing decorations.

Daily Bonus

The Ministry provides daily bonuses, which can be seen the first time you log in each day. Each consecutive day you log into Here Be Monsters, you will be awarded a wishing coin for the Wishing Well in London or Nanjing, Time Potion, and have increased Luck. Every fifth day you will receive full Luck and free Bank Notes. If you miss playing a day, the counter and your Luck will reset.

The Daily Bonus is a prize awarded every day you log into the game. The prize gets bigger every day up to the 5th day, after which it resets to the 1st day. The daily bonus and luck counter will also reset to 1 if you miss a day of playing.

These are the prizes for individual days:

Log In Reward Luck Bonus Wishing Coin
Day 1 Five-Minute Potion 1 Luck Bronze Wishing Coin
Day 2 15 Minute Potion 3 Luck Bronze Wishing Coin
Day 3 30 Minute Potion 6 Luck Silver Wishing Coin
Day 4 1 Hour Potion 10 Luck Silver Wishing Coin
Day 5 Up to 10 Bank Notes Bank Notes 15 Luck Gold Wishing Coin

Ministry Shop in London

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The Ministry of Monsters shop in London sells an assortment of items including Energy Bundles of Ministry Waybread, specialty Foods, Lucky Coins, Potion Bundles, Potions, and Welcome Packs.

Items Sold

Energy Bundles


Lucky Coins

Special Packs

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