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Meng the Terrible

Location: Mount Kailash
Introduced in: Hit me with your best shot quest
Specialty: Being a Terrible Mogwai

Meng the Terrible is a character that was introduced during Hit me with your best shot quest from Oinari. He can be found on Mount Kailash until the Simply Spore-ful quest.

Character Background

Meng the Terrible was captured in stone as a Mogwai Statue until Oinari tricks you into releasing him by gathering the four Strange Talismans to break the spell on the stone. When you try to stop him, he transforms the Xiaoyu Tree that connects the roof of the world from the Himalayas and himself into a Creep Tree and tries to spread the corruption.

Meng explains he is working for a boss whose name starts with "Zh..."


This character gives the following quests: