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The world is broken up into different locations that your Folk can visit to trap Monsters, collect resources, or complete quests. Each time you travel to a new location, it will cost you energy - the further away the location is, the more energy it will cost to travel there.


You can visit London and friends' homesteads for free. Once you've visited other towns, such as Nanjing, you'll be able to return for free.

Update March 6, 2014 - Free Travel

The free travel only works for chained quests, so for example if you have a quest that contains a padlock and is triggered by an NPC i.e. If Bashak gives you a quest, you will be able to travel to the spot for free. However, in the case of Eleusis you need to travel to an NPC to activate the next quest, so this will not count as free travel. Therefore the active quest must be activated via an NPC (With the first box ticked) it must also contain a padlock icon in that list. This is known as a chained quest. If you have a quest that does not have an NPC as the first requirement it is not classed as a chained quest and will therefore not allow free travel. - HBM Forum Admin

Using the map.png

Below is a list of locations, broken up by continent and country. Each location page will list resources available at that location.

Searching for Locations

To search for a specific location, click on the map view, then on the magnifying glass to activate search. Type in part of a location name, and it will show all locations (including player homesteads) that contain those letters. Click on one of them, and the map will move to that location, with an arrow flashing over the correct spot.

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Location Name Country Continent
Djemila Algeria Africa
Sebkha de Timimoun Algeria Africa
Dida Forest Burkina Faso Africa
Man and Woman Lakes Cameroon Africa
Fada Chad Africa
Lake Chad Chad Africa
Congo River Basin Democratic Republic of the Congo Africa
Musumba Democratic Republic of the Congo Africa
Al-Qurn Egypt Africa
Cara Oasis Egypt Africa
Chamo Lake Ethiopia Africa
Lake Haramaya Ethiopia Africa
Tana Lake Ethiopia Africa
Ivindo Park Gabon Africa
Tinkisso Falls Guinea Africa
Gedi Kenya Africa
Acacus Mountains Libya Africa
Cyrene Libya Africa
Gulf of Sidra Libya Africa
Morombe Madagascar Africa
Monkey Bay Malawi Africa
Bandiagara Escarpment Mali Africa
Ouadane Mauritania Africa
Inhaca Mozambique Africa
Osun-Osogbo Nigeria Africa
Reunion Island Reunion Africa
The Seychelles Seychelles Africa
Freetown Sierra Leone Africa
Augrabies Falls South Africa Africa
Howick Falls South Africa Africa
Sabi South Africa Africa
Jabal Gumbiri Sudan Africa
Kristal Swaziland Africa
Kitulo Plateau Tanzania Africa
Laetoli Footprints Tanzania Africa
Mahale Mountains Tanzania Africa
Lome Togo Africa
Kasubi Tomb Uganda Africa
Great Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Africa
Matopos Hills Zimbabwe Africa
Victoria Falls Zimbabwe Africa


Location Name Country Continent
Deception Island Antarctica Antarctica


Location Name Country Continent
Khyber Pass Afghanistan Asia
Ganges Delta Bangladesh Asia
Sakteng Bhutan Asia
Labi Forest Brunei Asia
Indawgyi Lake Burma Asia
Little Coco Burma Asia
Popa Burma Asia
Angkor Wat Cambodia Asia
Aydingkol China Asia
Bosten Lake China Asia
Changle China Asia
Changzhi China Asia
Chaohu Lake China Asia
Chengdu China Asia
Daliangzihe Forest China Asia
Dagze Lake China Asia
Dian Lake China Asia
Fengdu China Asia
Ganhe River China Asia
Guyao Mountain China Asia
Heishan Mountain China Asia
Heng Shan China Asia
Huangshan China Asia
Hua Shan China Asia
Jinsha River China Asia
Jiuquan China Asia
Lake Dongting China Asia
Lancang River China Asia
Libo Karst China Asia
Longwu River China Asia
Macau China Asia
Maijishan Grottoes China Asia
Mogao Grottoes China Asia
Mount Kailash China Asia
Nanjing (town) China Asia
Nanyue China Asia
Nong'an China Asia
Nujiang River China Asia
Pingchang China Asia
Qaidam Basin China Asia
Qingdao China Asia
Qinghai Lake China Asia
Song Shan China Asia
Suizhou China Asia
Tai Shan China Asia
Tongren China Asia
Wunu Mountain China Asia
Wuwei China Asia
Wuzhen China Asia
Xishuangbanna China Asia
Yalu He River China Asia
Yushu Tibet, China Asia
Zhongnan Mountain China Asia
Chilika Lake India Asia
Hampi India Asia
Khajuraho India Asia
Murud Beach India Asia
The Naga Hills India Asia
Nanda Devi India Asia
Nawapara Forest India Asia
Sambhar Lake India Asia
Tapi River India Asia
Thar Desert India Asia
Valparai India Asia
Ambon Island Indonesia Asia
Bintan Utara Indonesia Asia
Bon Irau Indonesia Asia
Buyu Balease Indonesia Asia
Kota Tarakan Indonesia Asia
Palu River Mouth Indonesia Asia
Rajabasa Indonesia Asia
Situbondo Indonesia Asia
Allah Akbar Gorge Iran Asia
Bam Iran Asia
Mount Binaud Iran Asia
Namak Lake Iran Asia
Silakhor Plain Iran Asia
Hammer Lake Iraq Asia
Tharthar Lake Iraq Asia
Sea of Galilee Israel Asia
Timna Valley Israel Asia
Akakura Shrine Japan Asia
Koga Village Japan Asia
Kurume Japan Asia
Mt Fuji Japan Asia
Nakadori Island Japan Asia
Dzungarian Gate Kazakhstan Asia
Lake Inder Kazakhstan Asia
Saryarka Kazakhstan Asia
Tamgaly Gorge Kazakhstan Asia
Ukok Plateau Kazakhstan Asia
Plain of Jars Laos Asia
Bukit Tabur Malaysia Asia
Bei'er Lake Mongolia Asia
Singing Dunes Mongolia Asia
Mount Everest Nepal Asia
Taedong River North Korea Asia
Beehive Tombs of Bat Oman Asia
Hingol Pakistan Asia
Jiwai Bay Pakistan Asia
Banaue The Philippines Asia
Chocolate Hills The Philippines Asia
Ganghwa Dolmen South Korea Asia
Hanthana Mountains Sri Lanka Asia
Palmyra Syria Asia
Ko Chang Thailand Asia
Phae Mueang Phi Thailand Asia
Archabil Gorge Turkmenistan Asia
Mount Arlan Turkmenistan Asia
Sarygamysh Lake Turkmenistan Asia
Aral Sea Uzbekistan Asia
Tudakul Lake Uzbekistan Asia
Ha Long Bay Vietnam Asia
Nui Chua Vietnam Asia

Australia and Oceania

Location Name Country Continent
Agnes Water Australia Australia & Oceania
Bathurst Island Australia Australia & Oceania
Bremer Bay Australia Australia & Oceania
Dragon Tree Soak Nature Reserve Australia Australia & Oceania
Drysdale River Australia Australia & Oceania
Groote Eylandt Australia Australia & Oceania
Guthalungra Australia Australia & Oceania
Karijini Australia Australia & Oceania
Lake Amarillo Australia Australia & Oceania
Lake George Australia Australia & Oceania
Lake Macleod Australia Australia & Oceania
Mornington Island Australia Australia & Oceania
Mungkan Kandju Australia Australia & Oceania
Mungo Brush Australia Australia & Oceania
Nuytsland Australia Australia & Oceania
Rudall River Australia Australia & Oceania
Styx Valley Australia Australia & Oceania
Tunnel Creek Australia Australia & Oceania
Ubirr Australia Australia & Oceania
Uluru (town) Australia Australia & Oceania
Umbrawarra Gorge Australia Australia & Oceania
Woomargama Australia Australia & Oceania
Yermalner Island Australia Australia & Oceania
Fiji Fiji Australia & Oceania
Kiribati Kiribati Australia & Oceania
Mount Ruapehu New Zealand Australia & Oceania
Paparoa Range New Zealand Australia & Oceania
Tokelau New Zealand Australia & Oceania
Urewera New Zealand Australia & Oceania
Kandoka Papua New Guinea Australia & Oceania
Lai River Papua New Guinea Australia & Oceania
Mt. Victory Papua New Guinea Australia & Oceania
Vailala River Papua New Guinea Australia & Oceania
Samoa Samoa Australia & Oceania
Guadalcanal Solomon Islands Australia & Oceania
Vanuatu Vanuatu Australia & Oceania


Location Name Country Continent
Gurlspitze Austria Europe
Lake Neusiedl Austria Europe
Braslau Lakes Belarus Europe
Lake Chervonoye Belarus Europe
Prenj Bosnia & Herzegovina Europe
Central Balkan Mountains Bulgaria Europe
The Stone Mushrooms Bulgaria Europe
Chalice Rock Czech Republic Europe
Sumava Czech Republic Europe
Himmelbjerget Denmark Europe
Langelinie Denmark Europe
Varska Estonia Europe
Vormsi Estonia Europe
Aland Islands Finland Europe
Astuvansalmi Finland Europe
Hailuoto Finland Europe
Halti Finland Europe
Inari Finland Europe
Kainuu Sea Finland Europe
Kaldoaivi Finland Europe
Lake Kemijarvi Finland Europe
Lokka Reservoir Finland Europe
Pielinen Finland Europe
Santa's Grotto Finland Europe
Yllas Finland Europe
Autun France Europe
Broceliande Forest France Europe
Calais Shore France Europe
Cap de Nice France Europe
Chavignol France Europe
Forest Of Versailles France Europe
La Ferte-Bernard France Europe
Lake Leman France Europe
Laval-Dieu France Europe
Les Combes France Europe
Parc de Millevaches France Europe
Tarascon France Europe
Vezere Valley France Europe
Vix France Europe
Bavarian Forests Germany Europe
Black Forest Germany Europe
Brocken Germany Europe
Castle Neuschwanstein Germany Europe
Lennebergwald Germany Europe
Mulde Germany Europe
Teutoburg Forest Germany Europe
The Stone Dance Of Boitin Germany Europe
Eleusis Greece Europe
Aggtelek Hungary Europe
Hortobagy Puszta Hungary Europe
Lake Balaton Hungary Europe
Zengo Hungary Europe
Ingolfsfjall Iceland Europe
Skellig Michael Ireland Europe
Temple Hill Ireland Europe
Florence Italy Europe
La Spezia Italy Europe
Vesuvius Italy Europe
Gauja National Park Latvia Europe
Curonian Spit Lithuania Europe
Lake Galve Lithuania Europe
Kneiff Luxembourg Europe
Hoogeloon Netherlands Europe
Lake Yssel Netherlands Europe
Bodo Norway Europe
Bymarka Norway Europe
Jostedalsbreen Norway Europe
Kristiansand Shore Norway Europe
Lomsdal-Visten Norway Europe
Tinnelva Norway Europe
Bialowieza Primeval Forest Poland Europe
Dabie Lake Poland Europe
Pisz Forest Poland Europe
Sandomierz Valley Poland Europe
Vistula Poland Europe
Warta Poland Europe
Agroal Portugal Europe
Almendres Cromlech Portugal Europe
Sagres Point Portugal Europe
Dacian Fortresses Romania Europe
Dunai River Romania Europe
Anadyr Estuary Russia Europe
Ary-Mas Russia Europe
Don River Russia Europe
Irtysh River Russia Europe
Kazanka Confluence Russia Europe
Kivach Waterfall Russia Europe
Lake Baikal Russia Europe
Lake Beloye Russia Europe
Lake Cheko Russia Europe
Ledyakaya Russia Europe
Lupchinga Island Russia Europe
Manpupuner Rocks Russia Europe
Mirny Russia Europe
Okhota River Russia Europe
Putorana Plateau Russia Europe
Severomorsk Russia Europe
Spasskoye-Lutovinovo Russia Europe
Strelka Russia Europe
Volcanoes of Kamchatka Russia Europe
Vyvenka River Russia Europe
White Sea Russia Europe
Zeya River Russia Europe
Carpathian Forests Slovakia Europe
Idrija Slovenia Europe
Almaden Spain Europe
Bay Of Gibraltar Spain Europe
Bunol Spain Europe
Cordoba Spain Europe
Cuenca Spain Europe
Ibiza Spain Europe
Las Medulas Spain Europe
Mont Perdu Spain Europe
Palmeral of Elche Spain Europe
Sella Valley Spain Europe
Tower of Hercules Spain Europe
Aavasaksa Sweden Europe
Cauldron Crest Sweden Europe
Gotland Sweden Europe
Storsjon Sweden Europe
Vattern Sweden Europe
Uppsala Observatory Sweden Europe
Lake Greifen Switzerland Europe
Weisshorn Switzerland Europe
Hasan Dagi Turkey Europe
Imbros Island Turkey Europe
Nemrut Golu Turkey Europe
Payas Turkey Europe
Porsuk Beraji Turkey Europe
Yanartas Turkey Europe
L'viv Ukraine Europe
Smotrych River Ukraine Europe
Sofiyivka Park Ukraine Europe
Sudak Shore Ukraine Europe
Afan Forest United Kingdom Europe
Blackhope Scar United Kingdom Europe
Brimmond Hill United Kingdom Europe
Giant's Causeway United Kingdom Europe
Guernsey United Kingdom Europe
Hadrian's Wall United Kingdom Europe
Isle Of Man United Kingdom Europe
Isle Of Wight United Kingdom Europe
Loch Ness United Kingdom Europe
London United Kingdom Europe
Norfolk Broads United Kingdom Europe
Nottingham United Kingdom Europe
Oban United Kingdom Europe
Pass of Llanberis United Kingdom Europe
Ring of Brodgar United Kingdom Europe
Sherwood Forest United Kingdom Europe
Stonehenge United Kingdom Europe
The Cotswolds United Kingdom Europe
Watch Croft United Kingdom Europe
Yorkshire Dales United Kingdom Europe

North America

Location Name Country Continent
North Bimini Bahamas North America
Akimiski Island Canada North America
Alice Lake Canada North America
Cheltenham Badlands Canada North America
Cold Lake Canada North America
Deninu Kue Canada North America
Great Bear Lake Canada North America
La Gaspesie Canada North America
Mt. Sandberg Canada North America
Okanagan Lake Canada North America
Opasquia Canada North America
Pelly Crossing Canada North America
Reindeer Lake Canada North America
Schefferville Canada North America
Sioux Lookout Canada North America
Torngat Mountains Canada North America
Tuktoyaktuk Pingos Canada North America
Ukkusiksalik Canada North America
Western Fundy Shore Canada North America
Bahia de Nuevitas Cuba North America
Nuuk Greenland North America
Rio Motagua Guatemala North America
Cerro Santiago Panama North America
Bayas Mexico North America
Laguna de Terminos Mexico North America
Picacho del Diablo Mexico North America
Zacaton Mexico North America
Lake Nicaragua Nicaragua North America
Adak (Alaska) United States North America
Alligator Bend United States North America
Bellhammon Tract United States North America
Black Hills Forest United States North America
Black Rock Desert United States North America
Cahokia (town) United States North America
Cascade Springs United States North America
Chiricahua United States North America
Clear Creek United States North America
Cunningham Island United States North America
Cypress Creek United States North America
Death Valley United States North America
Deepwater Creek Bay United States North America
Devil's Garden United States North America
Emerald Bay United States North America
Gates of the Arctic (Alaska) United States North America
Great Salt Lake United States North America
Great Smoky Mountains United States North America
Guadalupe Mountains United States North America
Gurdon United States North America
Kodiak Island (Alaska) United States North America
Lake o' the dalles United States North America
Mauna Kea (Hawaii) United States North America
McClusky Mountain United States North America
Mendenhall Valley (Alaska) United States North America
Mesa Verde United States North America
Mona (Puerto Rico) United States North America
Mount Rainier United States North America
Mushroom Rock United States North America
Nankoweap Rapid United States North America
New Almaden United States North America
Niagara Falls United States North America
Nunivak Island (Alaska) United States North America
Old Faithful United States North America
Omak Lake United States North America
Palo Duro Canyon United States North America
Pelican Bay United States North America
Petrified Forest United States North America
Pilot Rock United States North America
Port Orange United States North America
Serpent Mound United States North America
Spirit lake United States North America
St. Lawrence Island (Alaska) United States North America
Timber Trails United States North America
Wardenclyffe Tower United States North America
Yamsay Mountain United States North America

South America

Location Name Country Continent
Iguazu Falls Argentina South America
Lago Los Barreales Argentina South America
Lago Musters Argentina South America
Laguna de Monte Argentina South America
Mar Chiquita Argentina South America
Gran Chaco Bolivia South America
Lake Titicaca Bolivia South America
Amazon River Brazil South America
Chapada do Araripe Brazil South America
Fonte Boa Brazil South America
Jalapao Brazil South America
Novo Progresso Brazil South America
Represa de Manso Brazil South America
Represa de Sao Simao Brazil South America
Rondonia Brazil South America
Sempre Vivas Brazil South America
Chonchi Chile South America
Easter Island Chile South America
Rio Maule Chile South America
San Pedro Volcano Chile South America
Torres del Paine Chile South America
Parque Arvi Colombia South America
Yasuni Ecuador South America
Huacachina Oasis Peru South America
Qusqu (town) Peru South America
Angel Falls Venezuela South America
Lake Maracaibo Venezuela South America
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