Lava Wyvern
Lava wyvern
Monster Stats
Category: Dragon
Lava wyvern stats
Trap: Runic Rift
Bait: Roast Mutton
Coins: 1,078 Coins
XP: 45 Expstar
Lava wyvern location

The Lava Wyvern is a type of dragon monster. It is similar to the Forest Wyvern and Ice Wyvern. It was released during the October 17, 2013 game update.

The Wyvern has the head of a dragon, the hindquarters of a snake, two legs and a barbed tail. Unlike other dragons, they do not breathe fire, but strands of embers dance around their monstrous jaws when they roar. Wyvern Venom has magical properties that increase the aptitude of craftsmen when prepared properly.

"There is no doubt about it. The corrupted beast was responsible for the eruption. How were we to know one of the fabled gnomish cities was nestled within the caverns? As Vesuvius spewed lava and lightning into the sky, it swooped down on the Gnomes - Gods help them now for they have surely turned from us." - Extract from Evidence of Corruption. Chapter: The Fall of Pompeii







There are no achievements from trapping this monster.


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