The Here Be Monsters Wiki is a wiki started on 1 December 2012 based entirely on the Sandbox MMO adventure game Here Be Monsters and its features. There are currently 4,998 articles on the Here Be Monsters Wiki.

This wiki is a community volunteer effort by game players, it is not run by the game developers - though they've said its "awesome that you've started a wiki" [1] and even tweeted their support for us!


Started in December of 2012 by Mndarrr, the Here Be Monsters Wiki's goal is to provide information for everything related to Here Be Monsters in an easily accessible and free domain.

As the site is a wiki, anyone can edit it, and feel free to do so. For the basics on getting started with wiki editing, see our Editing Guide page. We have pre-set page formats (and features) on the New Page Templates page for creating new pages. Feel free to make any page layout alteration suggestions in the Forumss.

There are several administrators that help moderate the wiki and keep it free from vandalism. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a message on their talk pages.

Game Description

The game is currently in beta and accepting new players.

"Here Be Monsters is a game that's all about traveling the world, collecting rare items, crafting new items, and ultimately catching Monsters! The game is currently in private beta, but we're letting new players in everyday, so install the app to sign up!" - Quote from the developers on Facebook

This game is a unique multi-player adventure game available to play for free on Facebook, on their website or on the iPad from the App Store. You are a Folk, mysteriously immune to the Corruption. You are training to be a Trapper to help the Ministry of Monsters trap and cure monsters! To help towns overcome corrupted monsters, the Ministry sends you all over the Earth.

Your goal as a Folk is to build up a homestead in the location of your choice and become a master trapper by learning new recipes and skills. The Ministry of Monsters needs your help!

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