Gul Troll
Gul Troll
Monster Stats
Category: Giant
Gul Troll stats 17Oct
Trap: Musket-teer Trap
Cage Drop Trap
Bait: BBQ Mutton
Coins: 589 Coins
XP: 35 Expstar
Gul troll location

The Gul Troll is a type of giant monster that can be trapped. It is similar to the Rott Troll.

Trolls inhabit the cold north of the world. They are dim-witted and are not frightened of anything - with the exception of lightning which terrifies them so much they cower back to their caves as fast as they can! They fashion themselves weapons and armour from leather, lead and iron. Though 'fashion' is used loosely in this sense...

"I had freshly barbequed a couple of chickens for me and the neighbours. I'd turned away for just a second and next thing I knew a Troll was lumbering off with one! I think he ate it whole, bones and all. The nerve of these brutes!" - Eira, Inari Villager


This monster can be trapped in the following areas:






Trapping this monster is required to complete the following quests:



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