Male and Female Folk

A Folk is a character species on Earth that is somehow immune to the Corruption. They have set up settlements all over the world. Your game character and most of the other characters you interact with are Folk.

Folk History

Before the Corruption began, Folk conducted trade with many of the monster species. However, since all the other species have become corrupted, the Folk have dedicated their time to helping cure the monsters.

The Ministry of Monsters was formed to have a central intelligence organization to keep track of any areas where corrupted monsters seemed to be out of hand. Made up almost entirely of Folk, the Ministry helps train young Folk to be master trappers, chefs, and farmers to help keep up with the modern demands. They hope to be able to harness Gnomish technology to find the source of the Corruption and put a stop to it.

Player Profile

Player profile.png

You can change your status, title, clothing, hair, and Homestead location from the player profile menu. To get it, just click on your Folk.

To change your title, click on the drop down menu at the top of the profile screen. Your player status will appear as a thought bubble above your head when other players hover over your Folk. You can edit your player status from this screen as well.

To change your name, appearance, or Homestead location, click on the "Change Folk Settings" button at the bottom of the Player Profile screen. Changing your name and homestead location will cost Bank Notes.

Change my profile.png

You can type in a new name in the white box and click the "Change" button to change it permanently. This will cost 4 Bank Notes to change, so make sure you like the new one. To change the location of your Homestead, click on the "Switch home location" button and the game will show you the world map and ask you to choose a new location for 35 Bank Notes.

Changing your appearance will cost the price of the clothing. You can change your hair color, skin color and eye color for free. However, if you want to change your hair style or eye shape it will cost the price of the shape listed.



Your Folk can have special titles, unlocked as you progress in the game, that are displayed before or after your character name. Titles are unlocked by completing Achievements. This feature was added during the February 7, 2013 game update.

Other players can see your Folk's title by hovering over your character and on your info screen.

Title Needed to Unlock
AKA Chris What's In a Name? Achievement
Ambassador The Ambassadors' Party Achievement
Aqua Trapper Making A Splash Achievement
Apprentice Apprentice of all Achievement
Baconeer Makin Bacon Achievement
Baker Self Raising Plougher Achievement
Bathtime Fun Bathtime Fun! Achievement
the Bearkeeper The Bearkeeper Achievement
Bird Whisperer A Little Bird Told Me Achievement
Cadet Ludwig's Latest Achievement
the Charlatan The Charlatan Achievement
Chef Master Chef Achievement
Cork Lover You're A Corker Achievement
Corruption Crusader Creep Collector Achievement
Crewmate Rod of Silence Achievement
Decorator of Death Decorator of Death! Achievement
Dirty Wash your hands! Achievement
Duck Hunter Duck Hunter Achievement
Elemental Artisan Artisan of the Elements Achievement
Engineer Engineering Excellence Achievement
the Expert Expert Of Your Craft Achievement
the Florentine Guard The Florentine Guard Achievement
the Giant Slayer Giant Slayer Achievement
Guardian of Stonehenge Guardian of Stonehenge Achievement
Habitual Line Stepper Habitual Line Stepper Achievement
the Hallowed The Hallowed Achievement
Island Hopper Island Hopper Achievement
Hot Tub Party Jacuzzi Party Achievement
Junior Alchemist Begrudging Admittance Achievement
Junior Engineer Engineering Education Achievement
Lepidopterist Lepidopterist Achievement
Little Folk A Lesson In Comedy Achievement
the Loved Loved One Achievement
Lumberjack Lumberjack Achievement
Master of Dragons Master of Dragons Achievement
the Master of Vegetables Master Of Vegetables Achievement
the Merry With all the Trimmings Achievement
Miller Flour Power Achievement
Millionaire Millionaire Achievement
Mixologist Hiccup! Achievement
Mudskipper Mudskippers Ahoy! Achievement
the Musketeer All for one and one for all! Achievement
the Nimble Nimble Souls Achievement
of the 100,000 The 100,000 Achievement
Potatohead Po-ta-to? Achievement
Proud Supporter Patron of the Arts Achievement
Quackerjack Quackerjack Achievement
Recruit Trapper Training Achievement
Roc Star Roc Star Achievement
the Rocketeer Rocketeer Achievement
Rod Enthusiast Rod of Electricity Achievement
Santa's Little Helper Santa's Little Helper Achievement
Salty Dog You Salty Dog! Achievement
Shamrockin' The Feast of St. Patrick Achievement
the Shocking Illuminating Achievement
Shogun Sticky Shogun Silks Achievement
Sommelier The Finer Things Achievement
Spicy Spice Spice Baby Achievement
the Thankful Let Us Give Thanks Achievement
Trapper Expecting Expeditions Achievement
the Ugly Duckling The Ugly Duckling Achievement
the Warrior Jounin's End Achievement
the Wolpertinger Wrangler Wolper-Tamer! Achievement
the Duck Thief The Duck Thief Achievement
the Chef of Steel Become the Chef of Steel Achievement
Professor Professor of Logic Achievement
the Extravagant Ganesh Extravagance Achievement
the Tome Raider The Tome Raider Achievement
Rat Splatter Rat Splatter! Achievement
Toymaker Bundles of Fun Achievement
Private It's a Private matter Achievement
Corporal Climbing the ladder Achievement
Lieutenant In lieu of left tenants Achievement
the Butterfly Catcher The Butterfly Catcher Achievement
Global Fisher-folk Global Fisher-folk Achievement
the Minion Loyal Minion Achievement
Little Bro Werewolves Can't Jump... Achievement
the Tackle Expert Highly A Lure-ing! Achievement
Itamae Sushi Chef Achievement
Santa's Savior Santa's Savior Achievement
Booty Hunter The Hunter of Booty! Achievement
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