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Your Folk can go Fishing to obtain fish for food or quests. Davey introduces you to fishing with the Rod-dle Me This quest in the Norfolk Broads.

To fish, you'll need to use a fishing rod and bait. Visit a fishing location, click on the water, select your rod and bait and then click the water once. Once you see a red exclamation point above your bait, click once and your Folk will reel in your catch. Stronger fishing rods will help to catch elusive species of fish.

Where To Fish

Fish Sign

You can fish at any locations that have a river on the bottom portion of the location with a small sign and a picture of a fish. On the world map, these locations show the same fish sign over the tree or bush that marks the location.

When visiting the location, you can click on the fish sign and it will display what types of fish can be caught at your location. This can help when selecting bait.

How to Fish

When you are ready to fish you need to move your cursor over the water where you will see a lure appear and click the water. If you move it too far away from you will see "out of range" appear, simply move your lure closer to your Folk and click again.

Fishing menu.png

If you are looking for a specific fish, check the sign near the water to see what fish are in the area and which lure to use.

Select the rod and bait you would like to use to catch a fish, then click "Go fishing!" Your mouse will show the type of bait you've selected with a small number above it telling you how many of your bait is left to use.

Click on the water once to cast your bait and wait. You'll see if a fish notices it, and swims closer. When the fish is ready to be pulled up, a red exclamation point will appear above the bait and fish. Click the mouse button once and it will reel the fish in. 


Tips: While you have your reel in the water, you can click once to reel in, and click again to stop reeling in. This is useful if your lure has floated off into the distance and the fish started swimming closer to you.

Fish Rarity

Rarity and difficulty statistics for fish are the same at every location, with the exception of fish caught with the Bamboo Rod, which are easier to catch in Asia. All the assigned bait should also have the same difficulty. Any fish marked 'rare' on the Fish Signs will be rare at all the locations it can be caught from. The main difference in how hard or easy it is to catch a fish will be in which fishing rod you are using. The stronger fishing rods like the Shockwave Rod and Sparkle Rod will give you better odds of catching fish without them getting away. Fish with a rarity of 1-25 are marked "Common", rarity 50-70 are marked "Unusual" and everything >70 gets a "Rare". (As there are no fish with a rarity of 26-49 at this time, it is not certain what category those would be in.)

If two or more fish are attracted to the same lure, the relative rarity values of the fish will determine which is more likely to take it: the lower the rarity value, the more likely it is that this fish will take the lure. Whether or not the fish then escapes is determined by the difficulty rating of that individual fish.


The strength of your fishing rod will determine if you can reel in the fish. Guppies seem to be the easiest fish to catch, and Arapaima are among the more difficult. If you are going after a difficult fish, use a strong rod such as a Shockwave Rod or a Sparkle Rod.

If you cast a bait into the water that no available fish want, you will get an error message from your Folk saying "Hmm. Maybe I should try a different bait" after you reel in your cast. You will not lose any bait that returns with this error message. Re-check the fish sign to make sure the fish you're trying to catch is available at the location you're at and double check the bait you're using.

Try finding a location where the fish you are trying to catch is the only type of fish that would go after the bait you want to use: this will increase your chance of catching the fish you want. Locations and lures which give the best chances of catching a specific fish are marked as Fan Favorite! Fan Favorite! on the fish pages.

Experience, Profit, Energy, and Preferred Bait/Lure

(Note - You get 1 exp extra for fishing along with the exp the fish gives you.  So when fishing, the values you see ingame will be 1 exp higher then the values here and in the almanac.)

Fish Experience XP Sell Price Coins Raw Energy Energy Drops Loot Best Bait/Lure in order of preference
Abalone 50 72 41 Yes Pink Lure, Blue Lure, Worm
Alligator 150 151 85 No Shellfish Lure
Alligator Gar 100 250 71 No Worm, Cricket
American Pickerel 25 32 18 No Worm, Cricket
Anchovy 30 59 39 Yes Pink Lure, Purple Lure
Angel Shark 100 148 82 Yes Worm, Rainbow Lure
Angelfish 8 32 17 Yes White Lure, Yellow Lure, Black Lure
Arapaima 150 92 52 No Shellfish Lure, Cricket, Worm
Arctic Cod 45 40 22 Yes Newt, Blue Guppy Lure, Orange Guppy Lure
Asian Arowana 40 66 38 No Frog, Blue Guppy Lure, Cricket
Atlantic Cod 45 38 21 Yes Blue Guppy Lure, Orange Guppy Lure, Blue Lure
Barracuda 90 335 203 Yes Pink Lure, Rainbow Lure
Barramundi 30 39 21 No Shellfish Lure, Worm, Cricket
Black Ghost Knifefish 30 48 27 Yes Black Lure, Worm, Cricket
Black Pacu 25 59 33 No Black Lure, Worm, Cricket
Black Tip Reef Shark 150 49 27 Yes Black Lure
Blowfish 40 116 -10 Yes Blue Feather Lure, Shellfish Lure, Rainbow Lure
Blue Guppy 2 18 10 Yes Frog, Monarch Caterpillar, Cricket
Bream 8 24 13 Yes Green Lure, Worm, Monarch Caterpillar, Cricket
Brook Trout 13 44 24 No Red Lure, Monarch Caterpillar
Catfish 13 25 13 No White Lure, Yellow Lure, Red Lure
Clown Triggerfish 8 60 34 Yes White Lure, Yellow Lure
Clownfish 25 156 89 Yes Orange Lure, White Lure
Coral Hawkfish 30 133 75 Yes Orange Lure, White Lure
Crab 4 38 21 Yes Worm, Monarch Caterpillar
Crambionella Jellyfish 30 27 16 No Cricket, Green Lure
Croaking Gourami 10 58 32 No Worm, Monarch Caterpillar
Darter 4 38 21 Yes Orange Guppy Lure, Blue Guppy Lure
Eel 8 33 18 Yes Purple Lure, Worm, Monarch Caterpillar
European Perch 30 45 25 No Blue Lure, Worm, Blue Guppy Lure
European Pike 75 34 19 No Cricket, Blue Guppy Lure
Foxface Rabbitfish 13 36 20 Yes White Lure, Black Lure, Yellow Lure
Ganges Shark 100 129 73 No Rainbow Lure, Shellfish Lure
Giant Sea Bass 85 35 19 Yes Pink Lure, Brook Trout Lure
Giant Tiger Prawn 12 46 21 Yes Worm, Monarch Caterpillar
Goliath Tigerfish 75 44 24 Yes Orange Guppy Lure, Shellfish Lure
Greenland Shark 60 51 29 Yes Shark Lure
Halibut 70 64 36 Yes Monarch Caterpillar, Orange Lure
Hammerhead Shark 150 896 511 Yes Shellfish Lure, Rainbow Lure
Harlequin Sweetlips 13 32 18 Yes Green Lure, Yellow Lure
Herring 13 48 27 Yes Blue Feather Lure
Hucho Perryi 50 34 18 No Yellow Lure
King Mackerel 75 37 21 Yes Green Feather Lure
Koi Carp 13 66 37 Yes Blue Lure, Orange Lure
Largemouth Bass 75 51 29 Yes Brook Trout Lure, Blue Guppy Lure
Mandarinfish 75 275 156 Yes Worm, Blue Lure, Orange Lure
Milkfish 8 96 54 Yes Cricket, Shellfish Lure
Mooneyes 13 36 30 Yes Worm, Cricket
Mudskipper 4 31 17 No Worm, Cricket
Murray Cod 13 29 16 No Cricket, Shellfish Lure, Yellow Lure
Octopus 12 39 21 Yes Orange Guppy Lure
Orange Guppy 2 24 13 Yes Worm, Orange Lure
Pacific Dover Sole 14 43 24 Yes Monarch Caterpillar, Blue Lure
Pacific Flying Squid 15 49 27 Yes Worm
Paradise Fish 8 191 108 Yes Green Lure
Pelican Eel 45 38 0 Yes Selkie Lure
Phantom Catfish 13 71 44 Yes Worm, Jelly Worm
Princess Parrotfish 25 61 34 Yes Purple Lure, Red Lure
Rainbow Trout 25 55 32 No Red Lure
Red Lionfish 30 54 38 Yes Red Lure, White Lure
Red Snapper 8 27 15 No Shellfish Lure, Red Lure
Redbelly Piranha 30 35 19 No Worm, Cricket, Shellfish Lure
Regal Tang 25 20 11 Yes Blue Lure
Rock Bass 25 18 17 Yes Blue Lure, Blue Guppy
Salmon 34 43 26 Yes Red Lure
Saltwater Crocodile 100 353 201 No Rainbow Lure
Silver Perch 8 19 10 Yes Blue Guppy Lure, White Lure
Spotted Trunkfish 25 114 -10 Yes Orange Lure, White Lure
Stonefish 30 66 -10 No Green Feather Lure
Sturgeon 75 104 58 No Rainbow Lure
Tuna 23 35 19 No Blue Guppy Lure
Vampire Tetra 75 208 118 No Rainbow Lure, Shellfish Lure
Yabbie 4 59 33 No Green Lure
Yellow Tang 8 12 6 Yes Yellow Lure
YoYo Loach 4 40 22 Yes Black Lure, White Lure, Yellow Lure
Zebra Loach 8 62 35 Yes Black Lure, White Lure
Zebra Moray 30 51 28 Yes Black Lure, White Lure


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