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Daily Quests were added to the game on September 3, 2014.

"Attention Trappers! The Ministry urgently requires you report for duty! Are you ready to advance through the ranks of the Ministry? Then head over to Neuschwanstein and talk to Captain Ludwig. There is always Ministry work to be done so check in each day for new Ministry Daily Quests – the more you do the more you can advance through the ranks of the ministry, with some nice rewards along the way.

Daily Quests are available to all players who have progressed through the very early quests in Europe. (Complete the Barn party! quest to unlock The Quartermaster's Plans quest). You will get at least two a day from a range of possible quests, the more you complete the more that will unlock. You will keep any quests you get in your log until you complete them. After awhile you may get the same quest again to complete – this is to be expected."

How It Works

Once the Ludwig Von Neuschwanstein quest unlocks, you'll be able to travel to Castle Neuschwanstein and begin the intro quests (listed below). The daily quests will then unlock.

Daily quests are chosen at random from a pool of quests. You will be given either two quests each day. After completing the first three daily quests, you will unlock the What do you want, a medal? quest. You will need to complete another daily quest to collect the 4th Ministry Medal. If you don't have another daily quest waiting, you may need to wait until the next day to receive one from the characters at Castle Neuschwanstein.

As you give more medals to Ludwig, you will increase in 'rank' and more daily quests will become available for you. Quests will still be pulled at random from your daily quest pool, so you may repeat some of the original daily quests.

Rank Achievements

These four Achievements were added to the game:

Cadet: Ludwig's Latest

Intro Quests

These quests need to be completed to start the daily quests:

To Cadet

These quests need to be completed in order to earn the Cadet Rank:

Private: It's a Private matter

These quests need to be completed in order to earn the Private Rank:

Corporal: Climbing the ladder

These quests need to be completed in order to earn the Corporal Rank:

Lieutenant: In lieu of left tenants

These quests need to be completed in order to earn the Lieutenant Rank:

Daily Quests

These quests aka 'Repeatable Quests', will be given at random and repeated to earn Ministry Medals:

Unranked (original)
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