The game uses two main types of currency: Bank Notes and Coins. Both types are able to be earned in game by doing various activities. Coins tend to be more common. They are awarded for trapping Monsters, selling items, and completing quests.

Bank Notes


(For more information on bank notes, see the full article: Bank Notes.)

Bank notes can be purchased with Facebook Credits or earned by increasing your player level or on every 5th day from the Ministry of Monsters Journal.

Bank notes are a special, secondary type of currency and are used to purchase special items and upgrades. Rather than crafting them on your Homestead, many items can be purchased directly from your Almanac or Shop Locations with bank notes.



(For more information on coins, see the full article: Coins.)

Coins are the primary currency in Here Be Monsters. They can be earned by selling items to vendors, completing quests, trapping monsters, or a variety of other activities. Coins are used to purchase most of the items available from vendors, including clothing and homestead decorations.

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