Collecting is a category in the Almanac that is reserved for a collection of different types of items, including butterflies, flowers, trees, bushes, jewels and loot from Monsters.

Collecting items often involves exploring large parts of the world to track down missing items. Players refer to these long trips as 'collecting expeditions.' Several of the more rare collection items are needed to complete quests or craft rare items.


Butterflies are commonly used to create lures to aid in fishing. There are 40+ different types of butterfly available to collect, though most butterflies make different recipe versions of the same 9 lure types.

For more details, see the Butterflies page.


Flowers are commonly used to provide special boosts in potions and recipes that aid in monster traps. There are over 30 different species of flower, many of them can only be gathered in a very small geographic region.

Fruit & Blossoms

Fruit and blossoms can be collected from trees & bushes from around the world. Fruit can be used for energy, crafting, cooking and selling for profit. Blossoms can be used for crafting or selling for profit. Both may be used to complete achievements and quests.


Jewels can be mined from different types of rock pillars around the World. Jewels are not currently used in any recipes, though their selling price is extremely high compared to other items.

Some jewels are used as baits for monsters either in their raw form, cut, or crafted into Elemental Stones (Inferno Ruby, Frozen Sapphire and Living Emerald.

The game developers have hinted at more recipes to come which will require jewel use.


Loot is a collection of items that are dropped when trapping different Monsters. Many are used as rare ingredients when crafting potions and creating specialty traps.

Trees & Bushes

Trees & Bushes can be found at most locations around the world. Some types produce fruit and blossoms that can be harvested once every 12 hours. Fruit is a base ingredient for many recipes, so trees that produce them are a sought out commodity and the most common types of trees found at player homes. Harvesting from trees gives a +6 experience bonus. Harvested trees and bushes will automatically regenerate when 100 other items have been harvested, due to the limit on items which can be stored in the game's memory. If you need a large quantity of a rarer fruit/flower/tree, you can travel to other locations and harvest 100+ items then return to your original location and re-harvest the item you need.

There are over 40 different types of trees and bushes available to collect. For a complete list of all trees and bushes, see the Trees & Bushes page or the Almanac.

For more information about selling trees & bushes for profit, visit the Trees & Bushes Page.

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