This page is a list of all the quests in the The Hunter of the Booty Quest Line series. This quest line can be activated at level 32. It was added during the November 14, 2014 update.

Quest Line

Secret Pirate Island! Pirates Ahoy! Rummy! Feeling Groggy
Booty Hunter
(Sub-quests required)
Let the Treasure Hunt Begin! A Message in a Bottle For the Love of the Hunt! Hmmm... A Message in a Bottle Treasure, Treasure - Where Are You? Another Message in a Bottle Treasure Hunts are Fun! Is that Another Message in a Bottle? Treasure-Hunters of the World Unite! Yet Another Message in a Bottle I'm Looking for Treasure! Why So Many Messages in Bottles? Still on the Hunt... Message... in... a... Bottle... I Will Treasure This Treasure Hunting What Is The Deal With All These Bottles? I Live For Treasure! Seriously? Another Message In A Bottle?! I Want Treasure! So... Many... Bottles... Where Is This Treasure! Oh Goody... A Message In A Bottle... Give Me Treasure! Will These Bottles Ever End? Give Me Treasure! (2) 99 Messages In Bottles On A Wall... Where Is The Booty?! Did Someone Hide All These Bottles? Really?! Show Me The Booty! A Bottle No Doubt Leading To Another Bottle... I Need Booty In My Life! These Bottles Are Sapping My Will To Live... I Lust For Booty! Please Let This Be the Last Message in a Bottle...
Quest Lines
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None The Hunter of Booty None

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