Monster Stats
Category: Watericon
Camaheuto stats
Trap: Lobsterator V8
Bait: Eel Sushi, Pelican Eel, Pelican Unadon
Coins: 2,058 Coins
XP: 50 Expstar
Camaheuto location

The Camahueto is a type of water monster that can be trapped. This monster was released during the July 31, 2013 game update.

Almanac Description

The Camahueto has the head and hide of a cow, with a single magical unicorn-like horn. Its body is that of a land seal, and it slaps itself along the ground at great speed. It is easy to hear a Camahueto coming, for the noise it makes when it moves is far from subtle. They inhabit small islands off the coast of Chile.

"When I was told of their magical horns, I simply had to see them. I followed an old Machis woman as she planted small pieces of the horn in the ground. I was about to suppress a yawn when seconds later four Camahuetos erupted from the earth and tumbled down into the sea!" - Major Tom


South America

Note: There is a game bug that makes this monster not appear when placing your trap. Clearing your browser cache and refreshing the game should fix this bug.





Trapping this monster is required for the following quests:


Trapping this monster is required for these achievements:


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