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Buildings can be placed on your Homestead. They are used to collect resources and for crafting or decoration. There are several main building types including barns, houses, factories and decorations.

Factories are a special type of building that are used to gather resources on your homestead. These buildings usually have a timer, and once it reaches zero items can be collected from the building by clicking on it.


Specialty Buildings



Specialty Barns


Recruit's Campfire Apprentice's Campfire Expert's Campfire Artisan's Campfire Master's Campfire Recruit's Workshop Apprentice's Workshop Expert's Workshop Artisan's Workshop Master's Workshop Recruit's Laboratory Apprentice's Laboratory Expert's Laboratory Artisan's Laboratory Master's Laboratory Recruit's Windmill Apprentice's Windmill Expert's Windmill Artisan's Windmill Master's Windmill
Factories Basic Chicken Coop Basic Cow Cabin Basic Duck Den Basic Goat Grange Basic Pigpen Basic Sheep Shed Beehive Blue Chicken Coop Blue Cow Cabin Blue Goat Grange Blue Sheep Shed Orange Pigpen Red Chicken Coop Red Duck Den Red Sheep Shed Water Well Yellow Chicken Coop Yellow Cow Cabin Yellow Duck Den Yellow Goat Grange Yellow Pigpen
Barns Small Basic Barn Azure Barn Classic Barn Fabulous Barn
Specialty Barns Butterfly Greenhouse Clothing Trunk Fashionista's Clothing Trunk Fish Pond Greater Trap Trove Strongbox Ice Cave Tacklebox Trap Trove
Houses Tent Settler's Hut Farmer's House Merchant's Mansion Regal Castle
Specialty Brewery Forge Preparation Table Salt Pit Spinning Wheel
Large Wooden Barn Large Thatched Barn
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