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A Backpack is essential to store items in during game play. The items placed in your backpack will go with you wherever you travel. Once you collect an item it will be placed in your backpack automatically.

Show/Hide Backpacks

How To Use

Search feature in backpack

To access your backpack, click on its icon in the toolbar.

Once it's open, you will be able you use or place items from it. You can also search for items in it, by name or category.

Example 1:

  • Apple Juice (name)
  • Juice (category)

Example 2:

  • Apple (name)
  • Fruit (category)

Example 3:

  • Apple Pie (name)
  • Food (category)

Selling Items

To access your 'Sell Items Icon", hover over your backpack in the toolbar, then click on the "Sell Items Icon".

Sell Items.png

Backpack Upgrades


You can upgrade your backpack from any General Store, by clicking the purple Shopping bag on your homestead, or by filling up your current backpack. If you fill your backpack, you will be prompted to "Sell Items" or "Upgrade Your Backpack".

Since these are upgrades rather than new backpacks, you will need to pay the listed price for each upgrade in order to unlock the next upgrade. For instance, you will need to purchase the Day Tripper Backpack upgrade before you will be able to purchase the Weekender backpack upgrade.

Backpack Price Hold Max Unlock Level Slot Max
Beginner Backpack Free 30 Slots 1 50
Day Tripper Backpack 500 Coins 48 Slots 5 50
Weekender Backpack 5,000 Coins 60 Slots 5 50
Summer Holiday Backpack 10,000 Coins 72 Slots 5 50
Adventurer Backpack 30,000Coins 84 Slots 5 50
Expedition Backpack 50,000 Coins 96 Slots 20 75
Grand Tour Backpack 100,000 Coins 108 Slots 30 75
Compulsive Hoarder Backpack 19 Bank Notes 132 Slots 5 100
Total Trapper Backpack 29 Bank Notes 156 Slots 5 100
Mystic's Backpack 39 Bank Notes 180 slots 5 100
Engineer's Backpack 49 Bank Notes 204 Slots 5 100
Alchemist's Backpack 59 Bank Notes 228 slots 5 100
Starium Backpack 69 Bank Notes 252 slots 5 200
Dragonscale Backpack 79 Bank Notes 276 slots 5 200
Samurai Backpack 89 Bank Notes 300 slots 5 200
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