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Alchemy is the knowledge and process of creating Reagents, Potions and Concoctions using a Laboratory. The potions assist trappers in ridding the world of corrupted monsters.

This game skill is activated by talking to Edmund and Mister Dee in London, to activate Grab your lab coat quest. You must build a Laboratory to craft potions.

Crafting Potions & Concoctions

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To be able to craft potions, you must build a Laboratory at your Home and have all the ingredients. Click on your laboratory, and in the crafting screen select a recipe or click on ingredients from your backpack. Then click 'Craft'.

While the crafting is in progress, you will be able to see any remaining time and the estimated Success Rate. You can use a Time Potion to decrease the crafting time.

When the crafting is complete, you can collect your items. If you left the laboratory crafting screen up, a 'Success!' notification appears. If not, simply click on your laboratory (a purple exclamation point will appear above it when the items are ready) and the crafted items will drop for you to collect.

The Alchemists' Society

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The Alchemists' Society is a group of alchemy masters in the world that helps the Ministry of Monsters. They are an elite group of alchemists who require Alchemists' References to be able to join their ranks. Mister Dee appears to be the Society leader.

They have a shop building located in London which sells several different types of alchemy items and potion bundles.

Alchemy Items