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• 11/27/2017

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• 10/6/2015

a forum for HBM refugees

Jaimie started a forum for HBM refugees to chat
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• 8/19/2015

ministry medal

I am missing a ministry medal...can I find out which one it is?  If so help!
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• 7/15/2015

Thunderdome wreckage

Hi I'm doing the It ain't easy quest and need to trap a Chimera just realised need a Thunderdome trap went to make it and need a Thunderdome wreckage, how do I get one????
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• 7/15/2015

Thunderdome wreckage

Hi I'm doing the It ain't easy quest and need to trap a Chimera just realised need a Thunderdome trap went to make it and need a Thunderdome wreckage, how do I get one????
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• 6/21/2015

Buddies! Post your Folk ID

HS Lake Chad - 035151355797C 
HS Midway Island - 638413170798C
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• 5/19/2015

Making Friends

Is there a way to email someone to make friends in Here Be Monsters?
The only way I know is to be in the same location at the same time.
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• 5/13/2015

Where and who is the best to get a pearl?

Where and who is the best to get a pearl?
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• 5/2/2015

is jounin's end the last active quest? All I'm getting now are the daily ones for medals...

I completed Jounin's end but no new quests have popped up. Is that the last one? How many more daily quests will i get?
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• 4/15/2015

Help getting the Island Hopper achievement.

I am trying to get the Island Hopper achievement,however, when I visited Easter Island and clicked on Andrew..all he did was reply.."LICK"...and nothing happened..Any suggestions? tytyty for your help with this matter..Monster HUGS to ALL!!
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• 3/28/2015

I ran out of active quests?

I just completed the Off the Books quest, and learned that nothing new is popping up- are thare any side quests or other chains that havent activated that I can look into? any suggestions would be helpful- thanks in advance
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• 3/25/2015

Cryptid Capture Confusion?

So, I have this as a Daily Quest, but it requires me to catch a monster I've never caught, with a trap I do not have, using Secret items to build said trap (so I cannot even just get going on building the trap).  The quest wants me to have an item I do not have, and cannot figure out where to get it? Anyone?
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• 3/12/2015

Template Help

Hi, I am admin of several wikis for facebook games. I often use HBM Wiki as a guide to figure out the best way to format pages or set up templates. I have a question regarding your template: • and I cannot figure out what it's called or how to find the page for it so that i can see the source code. Would love to use this on my wiki's.
Also, how did you manage to use a template inside of a template. I've not managed to make that work yet.
Thanks so much for any help or advice. :)
Co-creator and Admin: New Rock City Wiki, Fairy Kingdom Wiki, Supercity Wiki and Charm Farm Wiki.
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• 3/5/2015

Second Talisman Quest

Where do I find the second Talisman?  I have caught several Stonefish, upturned trees and cleared the whole Nujiang River Screen. 
I have finished all subsequent quests.  Currently busy with 'will of the wisps II'.  Still Oinari insists that I have to find the second talisman
Frustrated over here - please help
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• 2/11/2015

2015 Valentine Day love letters collection

Are there any new achievements this year for collecting the love letters like there was last year!! tytyty
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• 2/9/2015

Second Talisman Quest Completion

Guys, please help.  I have completed all the talisman quests, but the second talisman quest came up again and I can't find the talisman.  
I have now completed the sleeping lilies quest, Asuka has changed back to Oinari.  But I can't continue as it that the second talisman quest is not completed.
Please help
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• 1/2/2015

lost items

can somebody help me last week i picked up (with my satchel) some of my chickens to make chicken breasts with but when i went to make them they had disappeared, tonight i picked up 3 pigs to make pork pieces but again when i tried they had diasappeared, i have had to buy new ones and wait for them to grow, this is very frustrating, has anybody else had the same problem and how can i stop it happening again, please help
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• 12/5/2014

where did the wiki search go?

I am usually able to put a seach item into a text box in the top right corner on just about any wiki page. Then click the search button and go to that topic. But for some reason It has now it appeared.
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• 11/18/2014

I Live For Treasure

i need to go to lbiza for this quest but it doesn't even show up on the map.  maybe if i knew what it is near...need help Please, thanks
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• 11/14/2014

Treasure Hunts are Fun! Quest

I know that this quest was just added today, but I'm on the last part of it where I have to look for the island republic, east of africa, and I cannot find the island to which this quest is referring? I have looked at all islands east of africa and I cannot find the island......
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